7 Facts About Arundhati Roy

1. Prior to the Booker, Arundhati Roy won the National Film Award for Best Screenplay in 1989, for the screenplay of In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones, in which she captured the anguish among the students prevailing in professional institutions.

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2. In 2013, Arundhati Roy described Narendra Modi's nomination for the prime ministerial candidate as a "tragedy".

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3. In an opinion piece in The Guardian, Arundhati Roy pled for international attention to what she called a possible government-sponsored genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

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4. In an opinion piece for The Guardian, Arundhati Roy argued that the November 2008 Mumbai attacks cannot be seen in isolation, but must be understood in the context of wider issues in the region's history and society such as widespread poverty, the Partition of India, the atrocities committed during the 2002 Gujarat violence, and the ongoing Kashmir conflict.

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5. In the final analysis, Arundhati Roy sees American-style capitalism as the culprit: "In America, the arms industry, the oil industry, the major media networks, and, indeed, US foreign policy, are all controlled by the same business combines".

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6. In early 2007, Arundhati Roy stated that she was working on a second novel.

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7. Early in her career, Arundhati Roy worked for television and movies.

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