20 Facts About Arwa Damon


Arwa Damon's is president and founder of INARA, a humanitarian organization that provides medical treatment to refugee children from Syria.

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Arwa Damon is the granddaughter of Muhsin al-Barazi, the former Syrian Kurd Prime Minister of Syria, who was executed in the August 1949 Syrian coup d'etat.

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At the age of six, Arwa Damon and her family moved to Morocco, followed by Istanbul, Turkey three years later, where her father was a teacher and middle school director at Robert College.

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Arwa Damon went from there to Isikkent School in Izmir, and was then headmaster of the American Community School at Beirut from 2003 until his retirement in 2013.

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Arwa Damon skipped sixth grade and graduated with honors from Robert College at the age of 16.

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Arwa Damon's then spent a gap year with her aunt and uncle in Morocco, learning show jumping, before moving to the U S to attend Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York.

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Arwa Damon's graduated with honors in 1999 with a double major in French and biology and a minor in international affairs.

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Arwa Damon's is fluent in Arabic, French, Turkish, and English, having grown up speaking all four languages.

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Arwa Damon's began her career at CameraPlanet, a supplier of media content for television newscasts, working to get correspondent Peter Arnett's team into pre-war Iraq.

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Arwa Damon covered the Iraqi elections of January 2005, the constitutional referendum vote in October 2005, and the Iraqi election of December 2005.

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Arwa Damon's reported on the trials and executions of Saddam Hussein, Barzan Ibrahim Hassan al-Tikriti and Awad Hamed al-Bandar in January 2007.

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In 2013, Arwa Damon followed an anti-poaching park ranger unit through Odzala National Park in the Republic of the Congo.

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Arwa Damon covered the International military intervention against ISIL on numerous occasions, dating to the beginning of the conflict.

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Arwa Damon returned to Iraq in the second half of 2016 and covered the Battle of Mosul.

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Arwa Damon travelled to Thailand to cover the Tham Luang cave rescue.

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In 2019 Arwa Damon travelled to Kathmandu in Nepal to report on a spike in fatalities amongst Mount Everest climbers.

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Arwa Damon's reported about the significant loss of ice at the poles and their importance for the whole ecosystem of the earth.

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Arwa Damon's announced her departure from CNN in June 2022, after an 18 year reporting career with the network.

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Arwa Damon won an Investigative Reporters and Editors' IRE Award for her reporting of the Consulate attack in Benghazi, along with fellow photojournalist Sarmad Qaseera.

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Arwa Damon was part of the CNN team who won the 2012 Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage of a Current News Story – Long Form .

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