16 Facts About Ash Williams


In 2008, Ash Williams was selected by Empire magazine as the 24th greatest movie character of all time, and in 2013, was voted by Empire as the greatest horror movie character ever.


The film ends with Ash Williams being suddenly attacked by the evil force.


However, Annie is stabbed by Ash Williams's possessed disembodied hand; succumbing to her wound, she is unable to close the vortex after the entity is sucked away.


Bungling the magic words that will allow him to safely retrieve it, Ash Williams unleashes an army of the dead led by his monstrous doppelganger "Bad Ash Williams".


In 2015, an older Ash Williams appears as the main character in Ash Williams vs Evil Dead, a horror comedy series for Starz.


However, it is revealed that Ash Williams was merely playing along in order to gather the group to return Baal to hell; they succeed but Pablo is killed in the process.


In Elk Grove, while military forces evacuate citizens, Ash Williams decides to stay behind in order to finally fulfill his destiny of defeating the evil.

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The series ends with Ash Williams saying his iconic line "Groovy" as he embarks on another quest to save the world.


Shortly before the upcoming 2016 United States presidential election and the launch of the second season of Ash vs Evil Dead, Starz and Bruce Campbell, as Ash Williams, recorded an "Ash4President" bid for presidency in 2016, complete with its own website for the faux campaign, promising to "Make America groovy again".


Bruce Campbell has stated Ash Williams is incompetent at everything except fighting the Evil Dead.


Campbell added that Ash Williams is "a bad slow thinker and a good fast thinker".


Campbell commented that in the film Ash Williams is more than capable at fighting off monsters.


Since Army of Darkness, Ash Williams has been portrayed consistently as in Bruce Campbell's words "a guy who doesn't know anything, a big talker".


Campbell and Raimi have stated that Ash Williams wears adult diapers; early drafts of the script depicted Ash Williams's struggle with incontinence, which Raimi joked to producers was a "marketing opportunity" for Depend product placement.


Bad Ash Williams later leads the Army to Arthur's castle to retrieve the Necronomicon, even corrupting Ash Williams's then-love interest Sheila.


The Evil Dead films and the character of Ash Williams influenced many 1990s first-person shooters such as Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, and Blood.