13 Facts About Ashgabat


In 2013, Ashgabat annexed a portion of the then-Ruhabat district of Ahal Province as well as the city of Abadan plus all land and villages in between.

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The southern boundary of Ashgabat was extended southward to the foothills of the Kopet Dag mountains.

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Near suburb of Kosi, until 2013 a separate village but in that year annexed by Ashgabat, may have been site of a Parthian fortress constructed to protect the capital city, Nisa, based on discoveries of pottery and other artifacts in the 1970s and as recently as 2020.

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In 1944 Ukrainian motion picture director Mark Donskoy filmed Rainbow in Ashgabat, which was nominated for an Academy Award as best foreign film.

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In July 2003, street names in Ashgabat were replaced by serial numbers except for nine major highways, some named after Saparmurat Niyazov, his father, and his mother.

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At that time the Abadan borough of Ashgabat, created in 2013 by annexing the town of Abadan and surrounding villages to Abadan's south, was abolished and its territory was merged into the newly renamed Buzmeyin borough.

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On 15 June 2020, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov announced intention to create a fifth borough of Ashgabat, to be called Altyn etraby, centered on the new resort zone created on the shores of the former Gurtly Water Reservoir, recently renamed "Golden Lake" .

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In 2019 and 2020, Ashgabat was the most expensive city in the world for foreign expatriates in ECA International's Cost of Living Survey.

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The main intracity bus terminals serving Ashgabat are near the Teke Bazaar and at the domestic airport terminal.

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Notable newspapers published in Ashgabat include the daily newspapers Turkmenistan and Neytralny Turkmenistan.

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The Ashgabat Fountain has the world's greatest number of fountain pools in a public place.

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The oldest city park, Ashgabat, was founded in 1887 and is colloquially known as First Park.

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Main sporting venues in Ashgabat are the Olympic Stadium, Ashgabat Stadium, the National Olympic ice rink, Sports complex for winter sports and the Olympic water sports complex.

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