21 Facts About Ashley Cole

1. Ashley Cole rubs tobacco snus into his mouth before heading out for workout session with girlfriend Sharon in LA.

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2. Ashley Cole was the youngest member of what one might identify as the "golden generation", 16 players whom the then Football Association chief executive Adam Crozier said in 2001 represented a great era of talent.

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3. Ashley Cole ignores doctors' warnings as he uses tobacco snus outside LA coffee shop while with Italian model girlfriend.

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4. Ashley Cole formally apologised to Cowan, and discussed the incident with Chelsea officials.

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5. On 4 January 2010, Ashley Cole was convicted of a speeding offence committed on 17 November 2009.

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6. Ashley Cole has had a couple of minor brushes with the police.

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7. That same year, Ashley Cole released an autobiography titled, My Defence, which sold 4,000 copies in the first six weeks of release.

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8. Ashley Cole has a son and a daughter (born 2018) with the Italian model Sharon Canu.

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9. Ashley Cole began a relationship with Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy in September 2004, when they were living in the same block of flats in London.

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10. Ashley Cole is renowned for making timed goal-line clearances and "cutting out danger".

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11. Ashley Cole was an ever-present for England in the 2006 World Cup; in their second round match against Ecuador he made a crucial block, deflecting Carlos Tenorio's shot onto the crossbar.

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12. On 19 January 2016, Ashley Cole terminated his contract with Roma with one year of his contract remaining.

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13. On 22 January 2013, Ashley Cole signed a one-year extension to his contract with Chelsea.

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14. Ashley Cole scored his first goal for over two years against Stoke City on 22 September 2012, proving to be the winner.

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15. Ashley Cole received praise for his role in the final against Bayern Munich on 19 May 2012, both for his defending, and for scoring in the decisive penalty shootout as Chelsea won the club's first European Cup.

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16. On 19 March 2008, Ashley Cole was involved in a controversial incident in a Premier League game against Tottenham at White Hart Lane where he performed a high tackle on Tottenham's Alan Hutton.

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17. Ashley Cole was reportedly one of the players upset when Jose Mourinho was relieved of his position as Chelsea manager.

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18. Ashley Cole was found guilty of making contact with league rivals Chelsea over a possible move, without informing Arsenal.

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19. Ashley Cole scored his first goal of the season in the seventh game in a tough trip to Manchester City in which he scored the opening and only goal to give Arsenal an important win.

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20. Ashley Cole started his career by joining his local club, Arsenal, whom he had supported as a child.

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21. Ashley Cole is an English professional footballer who plays as a left back for Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League Soccer.

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