10 Facts About Ashley Roberts

1. In March 2013, Ashley Roberts was announced as Garnier's new self-tan spokesmodel and the face of Ambre Solaire No Streak Bronzer campaign.

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2. In December 2014, Ashley Roberts was announced as a contestant for the second series of The Jump.

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3. In December 2012, it was confirmed that Ashley Roberts would be one of the judges on the British celebrity skating show Dancing on Ice, from its eighth series.

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4. On her official blog, Ashley Roberts announced that she would work on a number of different projects.

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5. On September 1, 2014, Ashley Roberts' debut album, Butterfly Effect, recorded at Metropolis in Chiswick, London was released.

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6. On November 7, 2012, it was confirmed that Ashley Roberts would compete in the twelfth series of the British reality show I'm a Celebrity.

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7. On November 5, 2012, Ashley Roberts announced that her first official solo single would be "Yesterday" and would be released that week.

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8. On October 10, 2012, Ashley Roberts released a preview of a cover version of Bobby Newberry's "All In A Day", produced by the Invaders.

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9. In 2010, Ashley Roberts released her first solo song, a cover of "A Summer Place" and was released on iTunes on September 28.

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10. The next day, Ashley Roberts announced her departure from the group via her website.

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