42 Facts About Ashley Wagner

1. At the 2017 US trials, Ashley Wagner was again second-placed after losing the top spot to the championship favorite, Karen Chen.

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2. At the national trials for 2010, Ashley Wagner was third-placed, and this was enough to see her off to the Winter Olympics.

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3. Ashley Wagner clinched her first global trophy in April 2006 by picking the Triglav Trophy.

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4. Ashley Wagner already set her sights on the Olympics by the time she turned seven years old.

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5. Ashley Wagner is the daughter of a military officer in the employment of the US Army.

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6. Ashley Wagner told Ice Network she first knew she wanted to compete in the Olympics when she watched Tara Lipinski win the gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics on television.

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7. Ashley Wagner began skating at age five near Fort Richardson, Alaska.

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8. Ashley Wagner trained in Kansas City and Tacoma, Washington until her family moved to Portland, Oregon, where she was coached by Tonya Harding's former coach, Dody Teachman.

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9. Ashley Wagner was home schooled by her mother for seven months before entering Whitman Middle School.

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10. Ashley Wagner is a favorite to earn a spot to represent the United States in PyeongChang.

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11. Ashley Wagner set her sights on strengthening her programs by incorporating difficult new combinations.

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12. Ashley Wagner faced more coaching upheaval when she parted ways with Mills that month and the venerable Nicks informed her it was becoming too difficult to travel.

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13. Ashley Wagner showed improvement at the 2009 Rostelecom Cup, notching a personal-best overall score to claim the silver medal.

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14. Ashley Wagner learned to skate as a 5-year-old and showed flashes of unusual talent, but she truly blossomed after her family settled in Alexandria, Virginia, where she began training with coach Shirley Hughes in early 2002.

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15. Ashley Wagner was born on May 16, 1991, at a US Army base in Heidelberg, Germany.

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16. In October 2013, Ashley Wagner was named as a face of CoverGirl.

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17. Ashley Wagner was invited to compete at the 2018 World Figure Skating Championships due to Karen Chen's withdrawal, but declined.

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18. Ashley Wagner began her Grand Prix season at 2017 Skate Canada International, where she took 3rd overall after placing 7th in the short program and 4th in the free skate.

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19. Ashley Wagner finished her season at the 2017 World Team Trophy, where her performances greatly contributed to Team USA winning the bronze medal.

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20. Ashley Wagner began her Grand Prix season at 2016 Skate America, where she became the first American woman since Michelle Kwan to regain a Skate America title.

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21. In August 2016, Ashley Wagner spent three days working with Charyl Brusch on her spins, saying, "She just kind of stripped everything down and had me go back to basics.

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22. At the 2015 US Championships, Ashley Wagner won both the short program and free skate, setting a new US record score of 221.02.

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23. At the Grand Prix Final, Ashley Wagner placed sixth in the short program and third in the long program to win the bronze medal behind Russians Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and Radionova.

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24. Ashley Wagner is the first American woman since Michelle Kwan to qualify for three consecutive Grand Prix Finals.

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25. Ashley Wagner won bronze at the final behind Yulia Lipnitskaya after placing third in both segments.

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26. Ashley Wagner placed second at the 2013 World Team Trophy and the United States won the event.

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27. At the 2013 US Championships, Ashley Wagner placed first in the short program, second in the free skate after falling twice and two-footing her salchow jump, and was able to edge out Gracie Gold to win her second straight national title.

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28. In a November 2012 interview, Ashley Wagner said, "Nicks changed my technique a little bit but not a ton.

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29. At the World Championships, Ashley Wagner was eighth in the short program after stepping out of her triple flip.

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30. At the 2011 NHK Trophy, Ashley Wagner placed fifth in the short program and third in the freeskate to finish 4th overall.

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31. In June 2011, Ashley Wagner announced that she would move to Aliso Viejo, California to train with John Nicks and Phillip Mills at the Aliso Viejo Ice Palace.

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32. Ashley Wagner had practiced her new long program only about six times before she competed at 2010 NHK Trophy where she finished 5th.

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33. At the 2010 US Nationals, Ashley Wagner won her second bronze medal.

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34. At the Final, Ashley Wagner ranked last in the short program, fourth in the free skate, and fourth overall.

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35. In June 2008, Ashley Wagner announced that she would be leaving her longtime coach Shirley Hughes to begin working with Priscilla Hill in Wilmington, Delaware.

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36. In January 2008, Ashley Wagner competed on the senior level for the first time at the 2008 US Nationals in St Paul, Minnesota.

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37. In 1998, Ashley Wagner watched Tara Lipinski win the gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan on television.

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38. Ashley Wagner began skating at age five in Eagle River, Alaska.

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39. Ashley Wagner was home schooled by her mother for seven months before entering Whitman Middle School, returning to public school because she missed it.

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40. Ashley Wagner currently lives in southern California but considers Seabeck, Washington her home.

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41. Ashley Wagner is the first child and only daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Eric Wagner, US Army and Melissa James, a former schoolteacher.

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42. Ashley Wagner was named to the US team for the 2014 Winter Olympics and won a bronze medal in the team event.

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