12 Facts About ATK motorcycles


ATK motorcycles was founded by Horst Leitner, an Austrian-born engineer, Grand Prix motocross racer, and International Six Days Trial gold medallist, following his relocation to the United States in 1980.

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ATK motorcycles gained a nationwide dealer network and funding, and Can-Am dealers retained a product to sell.

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From 1989 until 1995, ATK motorcycles was the fifth largest off-road motorcycle manufacturer in North America.

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An article by Motocross Action magazine in December 2019 states that ATK produced thousands of four-stroke motorcycles since 1985, predating Japanese manufacturers' move to four-stroke engines by over a decade.

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In 1988, ATK motorcycles released the 406, the two-stroke air-cooled Rotax-powered model that would become synonymous with their two-stroke line.

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ATK motorcycles released ATK's first ATV, based on the 604, and XR kits, a full set of ATK accoutrements that accepted a Honda XR350 engine.

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In 2003, with the purchase of Cannondale Motorsports, ATK motorcycles began to assimilate the acquired models into their line-up.

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Acquisition of Cannondale Motorsports by ATK was the result of a failed $80-million dollar+ investment between Cannondale Bicycle Corporation and private equity firms in the late 1990s to create a subsidiary producing off-road motorcycles and ATV vehicles.

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ATK motorcycles turned their focus to the X440, continuing to improve on the 2002 model.

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ATK motorcycles would continue to sell their 450 MX bikes and ATVs in various trim through 2008.

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In May 2011, ATK motorcycles began delivering the first of three Hyosung models with ATK motorcycles nameplates and a few requested changes.

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In 1989, ATK motorcycles approved a national print advertisement campaign depicting four men of Asian descent observing an ATK motorcycles motorcycle, with the tag line "To us, the Japanese all look alike".

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