18 Facts About Atlas Copco


Atlas Copco is a Swedish multinational industrial company that was founded in 1873.

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Atlas Copco Group is a global industrial group of companies headquartered in Nacka, Sweden.

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Atlas Copco companies develop, manufacture, service, and rent industrial tools, air compressors, construction and assembly systems.

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AB Atlas Copco, as it was previously named, was founded by Edvard Franckel, who was a Swedish industrialist, politician and senior official at Swedish State Railways.

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Atlas Copco was established along with Andre O Wallenberg, Johan W Arnberg, Carl G Cervin and Fredrik Didro.

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In 1899, Atlas Copco began developing their first air compressors and established itself as a compressor manufacturer.

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The economy began recovering, demand started growing again in the mid-1930s, and Atlas Copco Diesel experienced a boom in sales, where compressed air operations was the most expansive area.

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The name Atlas Copco became official in 1955 and was inspired by the Belgian subsidiary Compagnie Pneumatique Commerciale .

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Atlas Copco then became one of the world's largest manufacturers of pneumatic tools and monitoring systems.

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In 1997, Atlas Copco made its biggest and most important acquisition with the purchasing of the Prime Service Corporation, which was the largest machine leasing company in the United States.

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From 2017, Atlas Copco has four main business areas: Compressor Technology, Vacuum Technology, Industrial Technology and Power Technology.

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Atlas Copco has customer centres in about 71 countries and sales in about 180 countries.

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Atlas Copco's organization is based on the principle of decentralized responsibilities and authorities.

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In 2018 Atlas Copco decide on a split and formed Epiroc AB which will focus on customers in the mining, infrastructure and natural resources segments.

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Atlas Copco conducts research and development in a wide range of technologies at their global research centres, where each division has its individual area of focus and resources.

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Atlas Copco puts focus on growth in automation to bring more production back to US and Europe.

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In 2020 Atlas Copco acquired Isra Vision in February and Perceptron in September to boost its position in automation.

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In March 2022, Atlas Copco acquired the assets of Ceres Technologies - US-based manufacturer and designer of gas and vapour delivery equipment for the semiconductor industry.

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