15 Facts About Audi TT


Audi TT is a 2-door production sports car made by Audi since 1998, and currently in its third generation.

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Styling of the Audi TT began in the spring of 1994 at the Volkswagen Group Design Center in California.

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Audi TT did not initially offer any type of automatic transmission option for the TT.

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Audi TT takes its name from the successful motor racing tradition of NSU in the British Isle of Man TT motorcycle race.

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The Audi TT follows the NSU 1000TT, 1200TT and TTS cars of the 1960s in taking their names from the race.

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Audi TT was nominated for the North American Car of the Year award for 2000.

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In 2005, Audi TT released the Coupe-only limited edition to 1,165 pieces.

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Audi TT debuted the second-generation TT, internal designation Type 8J, on 6 April 2006, using the Volkswagen Group A5 platform with aluminium front bodypanels, and steel in the rear, to enhance its near-neutral front-to-rear weight distribution.

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Audi TT UK offered eight TTS cars for official use by the race organisers at the 2008 Isle of Man TT motorcycle races.

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Interior of the third generation Audi TT is notable for its HVAC design, featuring temperature and airflow controls that are embedded in the air-vents themselves, hence improving ergonomics.

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Audi TT's all-wheel drive quattro system is the standard layout and the only transmission option is the 7-speed S tronic automatic transmission.

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Audi TT discontinued the TT RS in the United States after the 2022 model year, so they released the TT RS Heritage Edition, a special edition available in five colors and produced in just 50 units.

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In October 2022, Audi TT launched the TT RS Coupe Iconic Edition, available only in Europe and produced in just 100 units, of which only 11 are right-hand drive for the UK market.

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An Audi TT RS was used at the 2009 24 Hours of Le Mans race as the safety car.

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An Audi TT Cup competing in the 2015 TCR International series in 2015.

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