12 Facts About Authorware


Adobe Authorware was an elearning authoring tool with its own interpreted, flowchart-based, graphical programming language.

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Authorware was used for creating interactive elearning programs that could integrate a range of multimedia content, particularly electronic educational technology applications.

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Authorware was originally produced by Authorware Inc, founded in 1987 by Dr Michael Allen.

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Authorware started as a system aimed at addressing the problems in TUTOR.

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Authorware came later and produced DOS runtime versions until the release of the first Microsoft Windows version.

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Authorware used a visual interface with icons, representing essential components of the interactive learning experience.

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The Authorware player has some issues with Internet Explorer 7 and later under Windows Vista due to Protected mode as well as runtime errors due to a bug in Authorware's implementation of ReadURL Javascript function.

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Original strength in education of Authorware could be linked to its roots in pedagogical models based on constructivist views.

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Authorware programs start by creating a flowline, which is a flowchart showing the structure of the developer's program.

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Authorware could interpret both its built-in proprietary scripting language and JavaScript version 1.

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Authorware was particularly well suited to eLearning content, as it included highly customizable templates for Computer-based training and web-based training, including learning assessment tools.

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Authorware was officially discontinued in 2007, The final release, in 2003, was version 7.

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