15 Facts About AvtoVAZ


AvtoVAZ is a Russian automobile manufacturing company owned by the state.

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AvtoVAZ is best known for its flagship series of Lada vehicles.

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AvtoVAZ was established in 1966 by the Soviet government as a state-run car manufacturer.

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AvtoVAZ is indirectly owned by Russian state enterprises through Lada Auto Holding.

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The first privately owned AvtoVAZ dealership was established by Boris Berezovsky in 1989.

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In June 1991, Bear Stearns was hired by the Soviet government to conduct an appraisal of AvtoVAZ and negotiate a venture with a Western partner, in preparation for the privatization of the company.

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AvtoVAZ came to be controlled by the management, including Vladimir Kadannikov, head of AvtoVAZ.

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In 1997, the Ministry of Internal Affairs launched Operation Cyclone, an investigation that ultimately uncovered evidence that gangsters connected to AvtoVAZ had carried out at least 65 murders of company managers, dealers, and business rivals.

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In October 2005, control of the company, which had until then been exercised by subsidiaries of AvtoVAZ connected to Kadannikov, was transferred to Rosoboronexport.

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AvtoVAZ became involved in conflicts with local suppliers, which he accused of supplying low-quality products.

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Takeover of AvtoVAZ was completed in June 2014, and the two companies of the Renault-Nissan Alliance took a combined 67.

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In December 2019, AvtoVAZ acquired General Motors' stake in their GM-AvtoVAZ joint venture.

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CJSC Super-Avto, a company associated to AvtoVAZ and established in 1997, is focused on the modification of Lada cars.

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On 3 March 2022 AvtoVAZ announced the suspension of the assembly of cars in Tolyatti and Izhevsk from 5 March.

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AvtoVAZ issued a press release blaming 'the ongoing crisis in the supply of electronic components.

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