25 Facts About Ayaka


Ayaka Iida, known simply as Ayaka, is a female Japanese singer, songwriter and record producer formerly signed to Warner Music Japan.


Ayaka commuted between Osaka and Fukuoka every weekend and started to learn a songwriting under the direction of Nishio.


In January 2006, Ayaka recorded "I Believe" as the opening theme for the Japanese drama Rondo.


The 5th single from Ayaka was used as the ending theme to Last Love, a Japanese movie which was released one month prior to the single.


Ayaka performed "Jewelry Day", as well as many other songs, at the Japanese leg of Live Earth in Tokyo on July 7,2007.


Ayaka attended an interview after Okaeri's production with Hiro Mizushima, who was a member of the Zettai Kareshi cast.


Ayaka sang "Okaeri" at the 59th annual Kouhaku Uta Gassen.


On February 22,2009, Ayaka married Hiro Mizushima after several months of dating.


Ayaka announced her plans to continue singing until the end of 2009, before putting her career on hold.


On November 18,2009, Ayaka's MTV Unplugged performance, her last solo live before her hiatus, was recorded at Osaka-jo Hall.


On October 20,2011, Ayaka announced that she would return from hiatus in 2012; her condition from her Graves' disease has improved over time.


Ayaka returned with her own independent record label, A stAtion.


On December 23,2011, Ayaka made her first public performance since her medical break by appearing on the Music Station 2011 Special.


On December 31,2011, Ayaka appeared on the 62nd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen, singing 'Minna Sora no Shita' as part of the Red team.


Ayaka announced on the same day that she would be touring live across Japan from April 27 through July 25,2012.


On March 31,2012, Ayaka announced that she would be providing the new theme song for NTV's news program News Zero.


The song, titled "Tsuyoku Omou", was the first song Ayaka had written since resuming her activities.


The title track was written by Ayaka, marking the first time she has written music for another artist.


On May 31,2013, Ayaka announced on her fanclub website Room Ayaka, that she would be embarking on a nationwide tour.


In 2014, Ayaka released "number one", the theme song for the Fuji TV Sochi Olympics relay.


Ayaka released her fourth studio album, Rainbow Road, on 15 April 2015, reached number 3 on the Oricon Weekly Charts.


In 2021, to celebrate her 15th year in the music industry, Ayaka released two new singles in April, "Motto I Hi ni " and "Tender Love", and held a tour nationwide, which will be held in September.


Ayaka released two songs for Tales of Arise, "Blue Moon" for the game's ending song and her cover version of My Little Lover's "Hello, Again ~Mukashikara Aru Basho~" for the game's insert song.


On 23 October, Ayaka announced sixth studio album Love Cycle, which will be released on 1 February 2022.


Ayaka married Japanese actor Hiro Mizushima on February 22,2009.