11 Facts About Aynsley Dunbar


Aynsley Thomas Dunbar was born on 10 January 1946 and is an English drummer.


Aynsley Dunbar started his professional career in Derry Wilkie and the Pressmen in 1963.


Aynsley Dunbar stayed with Mayall until the spring of 1967, and was replaced by Mick Fleetwood.


Subsequently, Aynsley Dunbar founded a short-lived progressive rock band called Blue Whale, which debuted with a tour of Scandinavia in January 1970.


Aynsley Dunbar filled in for Flo and Eddie when they left the Zappa group after an irate British "fan" pushed Zappa off the Rainbow stage in 1971.


Aynsley Dunbar joined Whitesnake in 1985 and performed on their 1987 album, Whitesnake.


Aynsley Dunbar has been the drummer for the World Classic Rockers since 2003.

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In 2008 Dunbar recorded an album of material for Direct Music with Mickey Thomas of Starship, and musicians such as Jake E Lee, former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne.


The complete recordings of Aynsley Dunbar's drumming with Frank Zappa at Carnegie Hall in October 1971 were released exactly 40 years after the event in a four-CD set.


In 2017 Aynsley Dunbar was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Journey.


Aynsley Dunbar was ranked by Rolling Stone as 27th greatest drummer of all time.