20 Facts About Aza Raskin


Aza Raskin was born on February 1,1984 and is the co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology and of the Earth Species Project.


Aza Raskin is a writer, entrepreneur, inventor, and interface designer.


Aza Raskin coined the phrase, "freedom of speech is not freedom of reach," which was the title of an article that he wrote with Renee DiResta.


Aza Raskin has continued his father's work on project Archy, has worked as the head of user experience at Mozilla Labs and as lead designer for Firefox, and has founded a number of companies.


Aza Raskin participated in a talk with his father, Jef Raskin, on user interfaces, at age 10, at a meeting of the San Francisco chapter of the Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction.


Aza Raskin holds bachelor's degrees in mathematics and physics from the University of Chicago.


In 2004, he worked with his father at the Aza Raskin Center for Humane Interfaces, on the development of Archy software, which is a user interface paradigm.

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Aza Raskin is an active phishing researcher, best known for discovering the tabnabbing attack, which takes advantage of open browser tabs to launch phishing sites without the user's knowledge.


Aza Raskin has a number of smaller projects, such as Algorithm Ink, which generates art from a formal grammar.


In Wired UK magazine's series, Rebooting Britain, Aza Raskin advocated for iterative governance, and was featured on the magazine's cover.


Aza Raskin has given a TED talk about new humane directions for computing.


In 2008, Humanized employees, including Aza Raskin, joined the Mozilla Corporation as part of a hire-out.


Aza Raskin was named head of user experience at Mozilla Labs.


In 2010, Aza Raskin was appointed to the position of creative lead for Firefox.


Aza Raskin has worked on several labs projects, including Ubiquity and Firefox for mobile, and he wrote the original specification for the geolocation application programming interface.


Aza Raskin has founded two other companies besides Humanized, including Songza, a music meta-search tool, and Bloxes, which sold furniture made out of cardboard.


Aza Raskin's goal was to apply design principles to the goal of maintaining health.


In 2017, Aza Raskin founded the nonprofit Earth Species Project, a non-profit organization focused on using AI to decode non-human communication.


In 2019, Aza Raskin became a member of the World Economic Forum's Global AI Council.


In 2018, Aza Raskin was featured on the cover of Off Screen Magazine.