10 Facts About Azamgarh district


Azamgarh district is one of the three districts of Azamgarh division in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

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Towards the end of the 16th century, a Gautam Rajput from Azamgarh district was assimilated into the Mughal court at Delhi, where he had gone in search of greater influence.

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Azamgarh district's mission was a success, with the royal court eventually awarding him 22 parganas in the Azamgarh region that marked the establishment of a family line which culminated in his descendants becoming rajas of the area.

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On 3 June 1857 the 17th Regiment of Native Infantry mutinied at Azamgarh district, murdered some of their officers, and carried off the government treasure to Faizabad.

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The Azamgarh district became a centre of the fighting between the Gurkhas and the rebels, and was brought under control in October 1858 by Colonel Kelly.

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Later, residents of Azamgarh district participated in various national movements including the Civil Disobedience Movement and the Quit India Movement in 1942.

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Azamgarh district is surrounded by the districts of Mau in the east, Gorakhpur in the north, Ghazipur in the south-east, Jaunpur in the south-west, Sultanpur in the west and Ambedkar Nagar in the north-west.

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Azamgarh district is further divided into 7 sub-districts, and 22 development blocks.

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The Azamgarh district has a population density of 1,139 inhabitants per square kilometre.

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Notable people from Azamgarh district include:-NB This list excludes those from Azamgarh itself which are listed in that articleAzmi is a common toponymic surname among Indian Muslims from Azamgarh.

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