12 Facts About Babak Payami


Babak Payami is an Iranian-Canadian film director, writer and producer.

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Babak Payami grew up in Afghanistan and Iran before leaving for Europe and subsequently Canada where he became a Canadian citizen.

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Babak Payami later enrolled in the cinema studies program at the University of Toronto during the early 90s while working as translator and court interpreter.

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In 1998 Payami returned to Iran where he wrote, produced and directed his debut feature film One More Day.

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Babak Payami later wrote, directed and co-produced with Marco Mueller, his second feature film Secret Ballot which went on to compete in the official program of the Venice International Film Festival in 2001.

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In 2002 Babak Payami began production on Silence Between Two Thoughts which he wrote, directed and produced in the remote areas of eastern Iran close to the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Babak Payami was eventually arrested by Iranian officials during the editing of the film.

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In 2017 Babak Payami directed "Manhattan Undying" a Canadian feature film with American stars Luke Grimes and Sarah Roemer along with Canadian veterans Daniel Kash and Earl Pastko.

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Babak Payami co-wrote and with Michele Fuzellier co-directed, a French-Italian animated feature film "The Story of a Fearless Child" that was released internatilnall in 2016.

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In 2010 Babak Payami established Payam Entertainment as a result of recent collaborations with Iranian musician, composer and performer Mohsen Namjoo.

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Since 2012 Babak Payami has been the Artistic Advisor to the Tirgan Festival in Canada that is the largest Iranian festival outside of Iran.

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Babak Payami Payam has written the screenplay by the same title and the film is to go to pre-production later in 2020.

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