25 Facts About Baby Driver


Baby Driver is a 2017 action film written and directed by Edgar Wright.

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Baby Driver was financed through a co-production pact between TriStar and MRC and tax subsidies from the Georgia state government.

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Baby Driver devised the idea while in his youth, and his early directing experience further shaped his ambitions for Baby Driver.

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Baby Driver was nominated for numerous awards, including three Academy Awards, two BAFTA Film Awards, two Critics' Choice Awards, and a Golden Globe Award, and won several other honors, chiefly for technical achievement.

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The success of Baby Driver has increased studio interest in producing a sequel.

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Baby Driver meets a waitress named Debora, and they start dating.

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Baby Driver decides to cancel the heist, but the crew overrule him.

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Baby Driver attempts to slip away late that night, hoping to take Debora and leave Atlanta, but he is stopped by Buddy and Bats, who have discovered his recordings and believe he is an informant.

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Baby Driver convinces them and Doc of his innocence by playing them a tape of one of his remixes.

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Back at the safe house, Doc initially refuses to let Baby Driver take back one of his tapes, even though it only contains his mother singing, but relents when Debora arrives to console Baby Driver.

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Baby Driver is sentenced to 25 years in prison, subject to a parole hearing after five years.

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Baby Driver's greets him outside the prison gates on the day of his release in a vintage car.

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Noel Fielding and Nick Frost have cameos through archive footage on Baby Driver's TV, appearing in the music video for Mint Royale's "Blue Song", in which Fielding played an archetypal version of Baby Driver.

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Baby Driver was a longtime passion project Wright had been developing since 1995, when the writer-director was a struggling 21-year-old filmmaker living in suburban London.

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Baby Driver had relocated to London to finish his first professional film, the low-budget western comedy A Fistful of Fingers, and to contemplate his future in entertainment.

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Los Angeles was to have been Baby Driver original setting, but prohibitively expensive production costs made shooting there impractical.

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Baby Driver was director of photography Bill Pope's third film with Wright.

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Baby Driver was responsible for synchronizing the movement of the actors and stunt performers in the film's choreographic sequences.

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Baby Driver was Heffington's first foray into film; he is best known in the music industry for his work with Sia and Arcade Fire, among other artists.

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When sound editing supervisor Julian Slater was first approached for Baby Driver, he was sent a copy of the script and a PDF file containing the curated selection of music, along with a rough audio mix.

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Baby Driver employs some of the conventions of gangster film, chiefly heroic fatalism and uncompromising villainy.

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Justin Chang of the Los Angeles Times argues that Baby Driver is an exploration of identity and personal style, and how said expression dictates one's status in society.

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Predictions, while acknowledging the positive media response and word-of-mouth support for Baby Driver, were conflicted about the long-term commercial viability of an economical film in a fiercely competitive market.

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Baby Driver was nominated for Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing at the 90th Academy Awards.

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Success of Baby Driver has increased studio interest in producing a sequel.

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