14 Facts About Bad Genius


Bad Genius, known in Thai as Chalard Games Goeng, is a 2017 Thai heist thriller film produced by Jor Kwang Films and distributed by GDH 559.

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Bad Genius was released on 3 May 2017, placing first at the Thai box office for two weeks and earning over 100 million baht, the highest-grossing Thai film of 2017.

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Bad Genius's is then approached by Grace's rich boyfriend Pat, who offers payment in exchange for helping him and his friends.

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Bad Genius's is reprimanded by her father, and by the school, which suspends her scholarship and revokes her chance to apply for an international scholarship at university level.

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Bad Genius's is pursued by the test administrator after feigning illness and leaving the test centre early, but is released when Bank denies knowing her.

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Bad Genius was produced by Jira Maligool and Vanridee Pongsittisak, executives and veteran producers at GDH .

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Bad Genius was so impressed with their work that he allowed them considerable room for improvisation during filming.

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Bad Genius found that asking Phaklao for opinions on shots led to better results, and editor Chonlasit Upanigkit helped with his keen sense during post-production.

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Bad Genius premiered in Thailand on 3 May 2017 at 20:00, in early preview screenings prior to its full release the following day.

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However, the Bangkok Posts film editor Kong Rithdee noted that Bad Genius appeared to be an isolated case, as wider government support of the creative industry was still lacking.

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Bad Genius was released on DVD on 16 November 2017, with a special edition available via pre-order.

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Bad Genius was well received by critics in Thailand, who praised its concept and design, which tackled a familiar, mundane subject and turned it into an exciting caper thriller—a first for Thai cinema.

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Bad Genius was nominated for Best Screenplay at the 12th Asian Film Awards, where Chutimon won Best Newcomer.

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Bad Genius was registered as a national heritage film by the Thai Film Archive in its eighth annual listing, announced on 4 October 2018.

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