20 Facts About Badfinger


Badfinger were a Welsh rock band formed in Swansea, who were active from the 1960s to the 1980s.

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From 1968 to 1973, Badfinger recorded five albums for Apple and toured extensively, before they became embroiled in the chaos of Apple's dissolution.

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Badfinger's responsibilities created friction, mainly between Griffiths's wife, Evans, and manager Collins.

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Badfinger'd convinced the others that [I was] not one of the boys anymore.

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Badfinger's addition required Evans to shift from rhythm guitar to bass.

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Badfinger's photograph has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery.

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Badfinger toured the US for three months in late 1970 and were generally well-received, although the band was already weary of persistent comparisons to the Beatles.

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Various members of Badfinger participated in sessions for fellow Apple Records labelmates, most notably playing acoustic guitar and percussion on much of Harrison's All Things Must Pass triple album, including the hit singles "Isn't It a Pity", "My Sweet Lord".

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At the start of 1972, Badfinger were contracted for one last album with Apple Records.

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Finally, Badfinger hired Chris Thomas to co-produce and complete the project.

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Only six weeks after the Ass sessions had been completed, Badfinger re-entered the studio to begin recording material for its first Warner Bros.

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Badfinger did manage to retain some US fan support as a result of their touring schedule.

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Badfinger remembered complaining that even though the band had hit records, they "still didn't have a fridge, and didn't have a TV".

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Badfinger found a cottage in Wales, where he hoped to build a studio.

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Badfinger was cremated at the Morriston Crematorium, Swansea; his ashes were spread in the memorial gardens.

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Badfinger was cremated at the Woking Crematorium, Surrey, on 25 November 1983.

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Badfinger was awarded a partial settlement, as the judge stated the evidence against Molland was insufficient to justify a severe penalty, noting that since both parties had conceded the original tapes were of poor quality, Molland's salvaging of them to a commercial level merited consideration.

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Badfinger later released four solo albums through Exile Music: A Place in Time in 1998, More Annoying Songs in 2002, Archeology in 2005, and In the Meantime, in 2005.

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The latter included different re-recordings of both the Badfinger hit "Come and Get It" and Gibbins's "In the Meantime", originally from the Wish You Were Here album in 1974.

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In June 2006, a Badfinger convention took place in Swansea, featuring a performance by Bob Jackson.

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