13 Facts About Bainbridge Island


Bainbridge Island is a city and island in Kitsap County, Washington, United States, located in Puget Sound.

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Bainbridge Island is a suburb of Seattle, connected via the Washington State Ferries system and to Poulsbo and the Suquamish Indian Reservation by State Route 305, which uses the Agate Pass Bridge.

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Bainbridge Island failed to find Agate Passage, and so his maps show Bainbridge Island as a peninsula.

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Since the 1960s, Bainbridge Island has become an increasingly affluent bedroom community of Seattle, a 35-minute ride away on the Washington State Ferries.

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Bainbridge Island is located within the Puget Sound Basin, east of the Kitsap Peninsula, directly east of the Manette Peninsula and west of the city of Seattle.

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Bainbridge Island can be accessed by motor vehicle, bicycle, or foot through two access points, both on Washington State Route 305.

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Bainbridge Island is connected to the Kitsap Peninsula by the Agate Pass Bridge, carrying SR 305 over Agate Passage at the island's northwest corner.

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Bainbridge Island has four centers of commerce: Winslow, Lynwood Center, Fletcher Bay, and Rolling Bay.

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Bainbridge Island is served by the Bainbridge Island School District, which houses the following public schools:.

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Bainbridge Island was one of the few municipalities in the state where the measure outperformed Obama.

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Bainbridge Island is the main setting of the 2021 novel You Love Me, the third installment in the You series by novelist Caroline Kepnes.

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Kepnes visited Bainbridge Island while writing the story and used the names of several local businesses.

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Bainbridge Island is featured in the first episode of the fifteenth season of the HGTV reality television series Island Life.

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