16 Facts About Bairnsdale


Bairnsdale is a city in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia in a region traditionally owned by the Tatungalung clan of the Gunaikurnai people.

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Bairnsdale was first proclaimed a shire on 16 July 1868 and it was proclaimed as a city on 14 July 1990.

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Bairnsdale had acted as a mine manager for the nearby Sons of Freedom mine.

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Bairnsdale built the school, the old Shire Hall, the Wesleyan Church and parsonage, St John's Church, the old Bairnsdale Hospital and the Mechanic's Hall.

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One of the most notable landmarks of Bairnsdale is the St Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Main Street known for its distinctively tall tower.

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Murals cover the walls and ceiling of St Mary's in Bairnsdale depicting saints, the trinity and scenes of hell, purgatory, heaven and the crucifixion.

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Bairnsdale experienced growth in church numbers in the 1880s, many of them frequently recording packed congregations, particularly on special occasions.

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Bairnsdale was succeeded by W G Hindley, under whom a new brick church was built and opened by Bishop Moorhouse on 24 June 1884.

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Bairnsdale cemetery is located off Forge Creek road opposite the race course.

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Bairnsdale named it such, in contrast to the other settlers Frederick Taylor and John M Loughnan who had taken up Lindenow—the reason being that Jones had left Sydney a poor man and he felt auspicious about his new life and hence felt his 'luck' was on the ascendancy.

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Bairnsdale established a reputation as a marketing and trading centre for the large rural area of East Gippsland and this has been helped by the development of excellent road systems, a good railway service and to some extent steamer and air services.

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Currently, Bairnsdale Cabs provides a local taxi service around the city.

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Commonwealth Government gave high priority to developing new coastal airbases at Mallacoota and Bairnsdale to assist in protecting shipping lanes in Bass Strait.

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Bairnsdale is home to the Bairnsdale Aquatic and Recreation Centre which is the largest indoor sports complex in country Victoria and contains 2 swimming pools, 3 basketball courts, several gym rooms and the Forge theatre.

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Bairnsdale is an excellent mountain biking destination with Mt Taylor downhill and cross-country trails only 10 minutes' drive north, Colqhoun park 15 minutes east and Mt Nowa Nowa only a 35-minute drive.

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One of the largest employers within the Bairnsdale area is Patties Foods which started from humble beginnings in 1966 from a local bakery in Lakes Entrance.

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