10 Facts About Baldev Upadhyaya


Baldev Upadhyaya was a Hindi, Sanskrit scholar, literary historian, essayist and critic.

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Baldev Upadhyaya wrote numerous books, collections of essays and a historical outline of Sanskrit literature.

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Baldev Upadhyaya is noted for discussing Sanskrit literature in the Hindi language.

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Baldev Upadhyaya was born on 10 October 1899 in the village Sonbarsa in the Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh, British India.

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Baldev Upadhyaya passed his M A from Banaras Hindu University and Sahityacharya from Govt.

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Baldev Upadhyaya died on 10 August in his centenary year 1999 at Varanasi.

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Baldev Upadhyaya is retired from IIT Kanpur, where he was a professor in Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering.

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The grandson of Baldev Upadhyaya named Dr Anish Upadhyaya is currently professor in Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur, UP.

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Baldev Upadhyaya served as president, Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Academy, Lucknow.

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Baldev Upadhyaya wrote many books which are the outcome of original studies and are authoritative in the respected fields.

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