10 Facts About Balik Pulau


Balik Pulau is a town within the jurisdiction of Penang Island City Council in the Malaysian state of Penang.

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Agricultural town of Balik Pulau was established in 1794 by the British East India Company.

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Much of its history, Balik Pulau has been a rather quiet agricultural town, in stark contrast to the busier eastern side of Penang Island where the capital city, George Town, is situated.

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Balik Pulau serves as the seat of the Southwest Penang Island District, as the district's Land Office is situated within the town.

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However, as with the rest of Penang Island, Balik Pulau falls under the jurisdiction of the Penang Island City Council, which is based in George Town.

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Balik Pulau is served by three major roads which intersect within the town centre.

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Jalan Balik Pulau connects the town with the fishing village of Gertak Sanggul near the southwestern tip of Penang Island.

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Balik Pulau contains 17 primary schools, five high schools, an Islamic religious school, a government-run vocational college and an international school.

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Basic health care needs of Balik Pulau's residents are served by the Balik Pulau Hospital, a public hospital located within the town.

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Balik Pulau's attractions are more agricultural, alluding to the huge role agriculture has played in the town's economy and its laid-back pace of life.

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