11 Facts About Balka Suman


Balka Suman was born on 18 October 1983 and is an Indian politician.


Balka Suman is a former Member of Parliament in the 16th Lok Sabha from Peddapalli, Telangana.


Balka Suman won the 2014 Indian general election being a Bharat Rashtra Samithi candidate.


Balka Suman has been elected as an MLA from Chennur constituency in 2018 Telangana Legislative Assembly election.


Balka Suman's father Balka Suresh has been a strong TRS party supporter and Metpally TRS party president during Telangana movement; presently he is the Metpally Market Committee Chairman; his mother Muttamma is a housewife.


Balka Suman entered politics in 2001 by joining the Bharat Rashtra Samithi, and was a key driving force at Osmania University.


Balka Suman served as OU campus' student wing president for Telangana Rashtra Samithi in 2007 and was made the student wing State President of BRS party in 2010.


Balka Suman won the election with a majority of 28,132 votes against his opponents.


Balka Suman was involved in a physical fight during a TV debate.


Balka Suman is known to be very aggressive in his style of politics.


Balka Suman was involved in fights with various district collectors and senior police officers during his tenure as Member of Parliament, and Member of Legislative Assembly.