17 Facts About Balmain Tigers


Balmain Tigers are a rugby league club based in the inner-western Sydney suburb of Balmain.

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Balmain Tigers reached their first Grand Final in only the second year in the competition against the previous year's champions, South Sydney, but would protest as the match was scheduled as a warm-up for a Kangaroos vs Wallabies game at Souths' home ground.

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Balmain Tigers is very wild, but not so wild as the Balmain footballers.

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Balmain Tigers dominance continued winning the 1919 and 1920 seasons comfortably.

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Balmain Tigers would appear in several Grand Final matches throughout the 1950s and 1960s but were just another victim to the mighty St George Dragons eleven-year streak of Premiership wins in this period, losing in 1956,1964 and 1966.

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In 1976 things looked more hopeful when Balmain Tigers began the year with an undefeated run through the pre-season "Wills Cup" competition.

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The Balmain Tigers won eight straight games and led the competition, but a midseason slump left the Balmain Tigers in the same position as in 1975 and they failed to make the finals.

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Balmain Tigers consistently made the finals series in the 1980s reaching the play-offs in 1983,1985,1986,1987,1988 and 1989.

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The Balmain Tigers reached the 1988 Grand Final, the first time since the 1969 success, winning a lot of fans along the way with a number of 'backs to the wall' performances winning four consecutive sudden death matches in just 3 weeks.

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In 1988 the Balmain Tigers were deemed certain to miss the finals with 8 games left in the regular season.

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The stars were missed as Balmain Tigers finished second-last in 1993 and got the wooden spoon in 1994.

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Balmain Tigers hired the famous former Wallabies coach-come-radio announcer Alan Jones as a coach in 1991.

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In drastic action, Balmain released 31 players at the end of 1994 and moved to Parramatta Stadium as the 'Sydney Tigers'.

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The Balmain Tigers stayed at Parramatta Stadium for 2 seasons before heading back to Leichhardt Oval.

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The Balmain Tigers only averaged 6,565 people attending home games at Parramatta Stadium in what was regarded as a failed experiment.

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At the time of the club's exit, Balmain Tigers were the third most successful club in the competition's history with eleven premierships.

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Balmain Tigers have had several 'Home game grounds' used in the club's history.

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