16 Facts About Bamber Gascoigne

1. Arthur Bamber Gascoigne was an English television presenter and author.

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2. Bamber Gascoigne was the original quizmaster on University Challenge, which initially ran from 1962 to 1987.

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3. Bamber Gascoigne liked it enough to put it on in the West End as a musical called Share My Lettuce, in 1957.

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4. Bamber Gascoigne carried out his National Service in the Grenadier Guards, where he spent six months guarding the Queen at Buckingham Palace, before being posted to Germany.

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5. Bamber Gascoigne met his wife, Christina, at Cambridge, and they married in 1965.

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6. Bamber Gascoigne held the position for 25 years, until the end of the initial run in 1987.

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7. In 1984 Bamber Gascoigne was parodied by Griff Rhys Jones in the alternative comedy series The Young Ones, in an episode entitled "Bambi".

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8. In 1998, Bamber Gascoigne presented a parody named Universe Challenge based on the sci-fi comedy series Red Dwarf.

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9. Bamber Gascoigne wrote Quest for the Golden Hare, a 1983 account of the internationally publicised treasure hunt associated with the publication in 1979 of Kit Williams' book Masquerade.

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10. On 8 August 1979, Bamber Gascoigne was witness to the burial by Williams of a unique jewelled, solid gold hare pendant in an earthenware jar "somewhere in Britain".

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11. In 1987, Bamber Gascoigne presented a documentary series of six 30-minute programmes on Victorian history, Victorian Values, produced by Granada Television.

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12. In 1988, Bamber Gascoigne devised and presented a BBC Two arts quiz called Connoisseur, for which he set the questions.

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13. Bamber Gascoigne established an online history encyclopaedia, HistoryWorld, based on British history.

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14. Bamber Gascoigne's is an artist working in ceramics, silks and other media.

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15. In January 2022, Bamber Gascoigne was hospitalised for three weeks with pneumonia.

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16. Bamber Gascoigne died at his home in Richmond on 8 February 2022, at the age of 87.

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