14 Facts About Bamie Roosevelt


Anna Roosevelt Cowles was the older sister of United States President Theodore Roosevelt and an aunt of Eleanor Roosevelt.


Bamie Roosevelt was born in a brownstone home at 28 East 20th Street in New York City on January 18,1855.


Bamie Roosevelt was afflicted by a spinal ailment that led to her being partially crippled and confined by corrective steel braces as a child.


Bamie Roosevelt remained an emotional pillar of strength for all the Roosevelts.


Unlike many children in a similar situation, Bamie Roosevelt had the natural maturity, judgment, and wisdom to "hold the family together," Alice said.


Elliott's wife, Anna Rebecca Hall, had wished for Bamie Roosevelt to have custody of her children, Eleanor, Elliott Jr.


Bamie Roosevelt was separated from her husband, and died young of diphtheria.


Bamie Roosevelt considered a custody suit but realized that Anna's mother, Mary Livingston Ludlow, would not be willing to give the children into Bamie Roosevelt's care.


Bamie Roosevelt did open her home to Eleanor, who was a welcome visitor and made extended stays.


Bamie Roosevelt was successful, though, in getting Eleanor out of the oppressive and harrowing home situation by demanding that she be sent to Allenswood School for girls in England, where Eleanor developed socially and emotionally.


Bamie Roosevelt was close to both girls and contributed greatly to their development.


Bamie Roosevelt remained a trusted confidante for his entire career.


In 1895 at age 40, Anna Bamie Roosevelt married US Navy Lt.


Bamie Roosevelt was President Theodore Roosevelt's sister and the aunt to whom many of the young people in the family went for advice.