11 Facts About Bank Australia


Bank Australia is an Australian customer-owned bank based in Collingwood, Victoria.

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Bank Australia is a member organisation of the Australian Banking Association, the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, and is a certified B Corporation.

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Bank Australia is an amalgamation of 72 credit unions and co-operatives.

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Bank Australia has been carbon neutral since 2011 and in 2018 became certified carbon neutral by the Australian Government's National Carbon Offset Standard.

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In 2022, Bank Australia responded to shareholder demands and set a net zero target for 2035.

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Bank Australia Conservation Reserve is a 927 hectare private land reserve owned by the bank and its customers.

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Bank Australia purchased the first of the three properties in 2008 in response to customer concerns about the environment.

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Bank Australia has reaffirmed that they have never invested and will never invest money in fossil fuels, live animal exports, military weaponry, tobacco, or gambling.

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Bank Australia will be working with customers to help them reduce their emissions from electricity and gas use.

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Bank Australia offers banking products including everyday banking, savings, term deposits, personal and car loans, home loans, credit cards and commercial banking services.

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Bank Australia launched a domain name dispute on 21 January 2016 for the domain names bankaus.

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