11 Facts About Barbara Reynolds


Eva Mary Barbara Reynolds was an English scholar of Italian Studies, lexicographer and translator.

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Barbara Reynolds wrote and edited several books concerning Dorothy Sayers and was president of the Dorothy L Sayers Society.

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Daughter of Alfred Charles Reynolds, and the god-daughter of writer Dorothy L Sayers, Reynolds was educated at St Paul's Girls' School and University College, London.

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Barbara Reynolds was Warden of Willoughby Hall, University of Nottingham, from 1963 to 1969 and Reader in Italian Studies at Nottingham from 1966 to 1978.

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Barbara Reynolds was chairman of the Dorothy L Sayers Society from 1986 to 1994 and President from 1995.

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Barbara Reynolds won the Edmund G Gardner Memorial Prize for Italian Studies in 1964 and the Monselice International Literary Prize in 1976 for her translation of Orlando Furioso.

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Barbara Reynolds completed and annotated Paradiso, the last volume of Dorothy L Sayers' three-volume translation of Dante's Divine Comedy, which was left unfinished at Dorothy Sayers' death.

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Barbara Reynolds afterwards translated Dante's La Vita Nuova and Ariosto's Orlando Furioso for the Penguin Classics.

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Barbara Reynolds wrote a study of Dante's life and work, Dante: The Poet, the Political Thinker, the Man.

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In 1993 Reynolds published a biography of Sayers, who was her god-mother, called Dorothy L Sayers: Her Life and Soul.

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Barbara Reynolds edited four volumes of Sayers's letters and an additional volume.

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