12 Facts About Barbara Roberts


Barbara Kay Roberts is an American politician from the state of Oregon.


Barbara Roberts was the first woman elected to serve as Oregon governor, and the only woman elected to that office until 2016.


Barbara Roberts won two terms as Oregon Secretary of State, and served in local and county government in Portland.


Barbara Roberts's father, a millworker, was a descendant of Oregon Trail pioneers.


In 1984, Barbara Roberts was elected as Oregon Secretary of State, the first Democrat elected to that post in over 100 years.


Barbara Roberts helped to increase the number of children in the Head Start Program, secured financing for additional units of affordable housing, and developed programs to help move Oregonians from welfare to the workplace.


The Barbara Roberts administration was known for its strong support of gay rights and appointed women to positions in state government.


In 1998, Barbara Roberts joined Portland State University's Hatfield School of Government's Executive Leadership Institute as Associate Director of Leadership Development.


Barbara Roberts has continued her community service, sitting on the board of trustees for several major nonprofit organizations, including the Oregon Hospice Association, the Human Rights Campaign, and the advisory council of Oregon's Compassion in Dying.


Barbara Roberts has maintained an active public speaking career, addressing issues of death and grieving, leadership, women in politics, and environmental stewardship.


In early 2011, Barbara Roberts returned to government service, as a member of the six-person Metro council, the Portland metropolitan area's elected regional government, after Robert Liberty resigned in January from his position as councillor representing Metro district 6.


Barbara Roberts indicated that she would not be a candidate for the position when it next came due for election, in May 2012, and Bob Stacey was elected to the district 6 seat at that time.