17 Facts About Barinas State


Pre-Columbian history of the Western Plains develops mainly around the present-day territory of Barinas State, which was a highly mobile area where numerous indigenous ethnic groups from the Orinoco, the Amazon and the Andes interacted, using the rivers and highlands as convenient communication routes.

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Barinas State was part of the Captaincy General of Venezuela since its creation.

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In honor of him, Barinas State was renamed "Zamora" in 1862, recovering its original name in 1936.

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Barinas State is characterized by an abundance of rivers, so many that its capital is considered "the capital of the rivers of Venezuela".

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The tributaries of the river in Barinas State are the Portuguesa, Masparro, Santo Domingo, Caparo, Canagua and Uribante Rivers, all of which are navigable.

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Barinas State has two ecoregions: the Llanos and the Northern Andes, the latter being its center of endemism.

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Barinas State is divided into municipalities, which in turn are subdivided into parishes.

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The twelve municipalities of Barinas State are organized according to population conditions, economic development, capacity to generate their own income, geographical situation, historical and cultural elements and other factors.

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Agricultural production in Barinas State is very important for the local economy as well as livestock production.

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Barinas State has a contrast between landscapes of mountains, plains, rivers and streams, offering tourists a variety of options, from contemplating rare species in their habitat, to enjoying its spectacular parks and natural spas.

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Barinas State has a botanical garden located within the Universidad Nacional Experimental de Los Llanos Ezequiel Zamora.

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In baseball, the Petroleros de Barinas State Team was established, which plays in the Venezuelan national parallel league, where it has been proclaimed champion twice.

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Barinas State is part of the Venezuelan federation, which is symmetrical: each entity has its own legal personality, competences, income and autonomous executive and legislative power, with authorities elected by majority rule in universal, direct and secret suffrage for four-year periods and revocable by referendum.

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Foundations of the essence of Barinas State are in the ethical and moral heritage of its people; in the values of freedom, equality, justice, cooperation, solidarity and independence; in the personal values and spiritual potential of its people; in its natural resources; and in its history, traditions, customs, idiosyncrasy, folklore, art and own aspirations.

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Citizens of Barinas State are obliged by law to protect the family; know, promote and protect the cultural heritage; contribute to economic and human development; encourage private initiative; promote free enterprise; and reject violence.

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The governor of Barinas State is elected by direct universal and secret ballots every four years and has his secretaries as assistants.

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The seat of the Legislative Council of Barinas State is the Manuel Palacio Fajardo building; its powers are limited to those designated by the constitutions and laws.

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