30 Facts About Barkha Dutt


Barkha Dutt has been a reporter and news anchor at NDTV and Tiranga TV.


Barkha Dutt is an opinion columnist with The Hindustan Times and The Washington Post.


Barkha Dutt emerged as a prominent figure after her frontline war reporting on the Kargil Conflict between India and Pakistan in 1999.


Barkha Dutt has won many national and international awards, including the Padma Shri, India's fourth highest civilian honour.


Barkha Dutt was one of the journalists taped in the Radia tapes controversy.


At NDTV, Barkha Dutt was the host of the weekly, award-winning talk-show We The People as well as the daily prime-time show The Buck Stops Here.


Barkha Dutt was born in New Delhi to S P Dutt, an Air India official, and Prabha Dutt, who was a well-known journalist with the Hindustan Times.


Barkha Dutt's younger sister, Bahar Dutt, is a television journalist working for CNN IBN.


Barkha Dutt has expressed her opinion against Triple Talaq and Muslim patriarchy.


Barkha Dutt graduated from St Stephen's College, Delhi with a degree in English literature.


Barkha Dutt received a Master's in Mass Communications from Jamia Millia Islamia Mass Communication Research Center, New Delhi.


Barkha Dutt started her journalism career with NDTV and later rose to head the English news wing of the organisation.


Barkha Dutt obtained a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, New York assisted by an Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation scholarship.


Barkha Dutt's reporting of the Kargil conflict in 1999, including an interview with Captain Vikram Batra, brought her to prominence in India.


Barkha Dutt has since covered conflicts in Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.


Barkha Dutt has received negative reception for some of her work.


Britta Ohm wrote in 2011 that Barkha Dutt is criticised for "secular shrillness", betraying the cause of Kashmiri Pandits, over-the-top nationalism in the reporting of Kargil conflict, and for soft-pedalling Hindutva.


Barkha Dutt, who was group editor of NDTV, moved to the role of consulting editor in February 2015 and after 21 years, left in January 2017.


Barkha Dutt has written columns for international newspapers, such as The Washington Post.


On 30 November 2010, Barkha Dutt defended herself before a jury of her peers in a televised program on NDTV.


Barkha Dutt apologised over the issue saying it was "an error of judgement" on her part, but said that she had not indulged in any wrongdoing.


Barkha Dutt served as an anchor and consulting editor at Tiranga TV from 26 January to 13 July 2019.


Barkha Dutt disputed this version of events by Sibals, claimed she was sacked for speaking out in internal emails against the treatment of other staffers, and vowed to sue the channel owners in court.


Barkha Dutt's Sunday talk show has won the most awards out of any show on Indian television, winning the Indian Television Academy award for Best Talk Show five years in a row.


In 2008, Barkha Dutt received the Indian News Broadcasting Award for the Most Intelligent News Show Host.


Barkha Dutt received the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association award for Journalist of the Year, 2007.


Barkha Dutt has twice been named on the list of 100 "Global Leaders of Tomorrow" compiled by the World Economic Forum.


Barkha Dutt was named an Asia Society Fellow in 2006 and serves on the International Advisory Council of the Asia Society.


Barkha Dutt was awarded the Chameli Devi Jain Award for Outstanding Women Mediapersons in 2000.


Barkha Dutt was the model for the protagonist in Anand Kurian's novel The Peddler of Soaps.