13 Facts About Barkley Thompson


Barkley Stuart Thompson was born on 1972 and is a priest in the Episcopal Church who currently serves as the seventh Rector of Saint Mark's Episcopal Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Barkley Thompson is the younger brother of Robert F Thompson, a former majority leader of the Arkansas state senate.


About his experience of walking into the church, Barkley Thompson has said, "The moment I crossed the threshold from narthex to nave, I had a deep sense that I had come home".


Barkley Thompson joined the Episcopal Church shortly thereafter, which he has described as combining "the Methodist theology of hospitality and grace" with "Catholic sacramental and liturgical worship".


Barkley Thompson went on to earn an MA degree from the University of Chicago Divinity School in 1998.


In 2007, Barkley Thompson became the rector at St John's Episcopal Church in the heart of Roanoke, Virginia.


In 2009, Barkley Thompson led the parish in a restoration of its historic 117-year-old church.

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Barkley Thompson was called in 2013 to be the eighth dean and twenty-second rector of Christ Church Cathedral in Houston, Texas.


Barkley Thompson serves on the North American Committee for St George's College in Jerusalem, the Anglican Center in the Holy Land and on the board of Episcopal High School in Houston.


Barkley Thompson's technique combines the presentation of biblical stories or doctrines with stories of common life to illuminate key themes of the gospel in a way intended to be accessible to Christian audiences.


Barkley Thompson's approach is developed most fully in Elements of Grace, where he couches his characteristically narrative style in meditations that are organized thematically into the "elemental" categories of Earth, Water, Spirit, Light, Darkness, Discipleship, and Word.


Barkley Thompson has published a historical essay on the murder of his great, great, great grandfather, potentially by his great, great, great, great grandfather, Texas hero Colonel John Henry Moore.


Barkley Thompson has advocated that the fundamentally provincial character of Anglican polity ought to dictate that the various churches of the Anglican Communion respect one another's autonomy and independence.