12 Facts About Barry Cook


Barry Cook was born on August 12,1958 and is an American film director who has worked in the animated film industry since the 1980s.


Barry Cook was the co-director for Arthur Christmas, directed by Sarah Smith.


Barry Cook was born in Nashville, Tennessee on August 12,1958.


Barry Cook made his first film when he was ten years old.


Barry Cook interned as an assistant animator beginning in December 1978 at the animation studio Hanna-Barbera, where he contributed as an assistant animator on "The New Fred and Barney Show" and many others.


Barry Cook contributed to the pilot episode of the 1981 TV series The Smurfs.


Barry Cook became the supervisor for the special-effects animation department at Disney.

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In 1993, Barry Cook directed another animated short, Trail Mix-Up, which featured the cartoon character Roger Rabbit.


Barry Cook's directing experience with Off Barry Cook's Rockers and Trail Mix-Up led him to the opportunity to direct Mulan with Bancroft.


In 2000, Barry Cook pitched his idea to Michael Eisner and Thomas Schumacher who agreed the idea showed potential, although Eisner deterred about the simplicity while Schumacher felt the project was "too human" and more appropriate for a live action film.


In February 2009, Barry Cook signed with Aardman Animations, and the following April, he was announced to co-direct Arthur Christmas alongside Sarah Smith.


In July 2016, it was announced that Barry Cook was in negotiations to direct Mean Margaret for Astro-Nomical Entertainment.