19 Facts About Barry Fey


Barry Fey was an American rock concert promoter from Colorado who was best known for bringing prominent music acts to the United States for the first time.

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Barry Fey went on to promote more shows at his college including The Byrds on July 10,1965, at the Rockford College Gym in Illinois.

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In 1966, Fey booked The Association at the University of Denver, CU Boulder, and the University of Montana which would go on to start Fey's reign in the midwest.

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Barry Fey partnered with Chet Helms to open a famed Family Dog venue in Denver Colorado in 1967.

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On September 24,1967, Barry Fey promoted the "Love In" concert at City Park in Denver with the Grateful Dead.

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Barry Fey booked Jim Morrison and The Doors in October 1967 which would mark the first shows The Doors played outside the state of California.

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February 14th, 1968, Barry Fey had Jimi Hendrix play at Regis College Field House in Denver.

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On December 26,1968, Barry Fey promoted the first Led Zeppelin show in North America, which took place at the Denver Auditorium.

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November 7th, 1969, Barry Fey promoted The Rolling Stones at Colorado State University's Moby Arena.

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Three consecutive years, Barry Fey was voted promoter of the year by Billboard magazine.

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In 1997, Barry Fey was voted into the Touring Hall of Fame by Performance magazine.

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Besides concerts Barry Fey has been credited with saving the bankrupt Denver Symphony, and forming the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

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Barry Fey put them on a pay as you go basis, which allowed the symphony to thrive.

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In 1991, Barry Fey merged with Universal Concerts, which later bought him out in 1997, after a 30-year career.

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Barry Fey announced that he was in negotiations to write a tell all book about the music business.

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On November 1,2011, Barry Fey announced the completion of his book "Backstage Past" with forewords written by Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, and Pete Townshend.

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In 1983, Barry Fey cleared the path for Major League Baseball in Denver by teaming up with some of his idols Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays to produce an old timers baseball game.

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In spring of 2013, Barry Fey had hip-replacement surgery and struggled afterwards.

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Barry Fey committed suicide on Sunday, April 28,2013, quite literally between a breakfast omelet order with son Geoffry and its delivery.

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