33 Facts About Barry Fitzgerald


William Joseph Shields, known professionally as Barry Fitzgerald, was an Irish stage, film and television actor.

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Barry Fitzgerald was the older brother of Irish actor Arthur Shields.

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Barry Fitzgerald was born William Joseph Shields in Walworth Road, Portobello, Dublin, Ireland, the son of Fanny Sophia and Adolphus Shields.

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Barry Fitzgerald was the older brother of Irish actor Arthur Shields.

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Barry Fitzgerald went to Skerry's College, Dublin, before going on to work in the civil service, starting in 1911 as a junior clerk at the Dublin Board of Trade.

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Barry Fitzgerald was interested in acting and began appearing in amateur dramatic societies such as the Kincora Players.

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Barry Fitzgerald used a stage name so as not to get in trouble with his superiors in the civil service.

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Barry Fitzgerald was in The Bribe, An Imaginary Conversation, John Bull's Other Island and others.

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Barry Fitzgerald decided to quit his civil service job to join the production and became a full-time actor at the age of 41.

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Barry Fitzgerald went to the US with the Abbey Players in 1932 to appear in Things That Are Caesar's and The Far-off Hills.

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Players and Barry Fitzgerald returned to America in 1934 to tour a series of plays in repertory around the country.

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Barry Fitzgerald appeared in a short Irish movie, Guests of the Nation, filmed in 1934 but not released for over seventy years.

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Barry Fitzgerald decided to stay in Hollywood where he soon found constant employment as a character actor.

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Barry Fitzgerald had support roles in Ebb Tide at Paramount, Bringing Up Baby at RKO, Four Men and a Prayer directed by John Ford at 20th Century Fox, and The Dawn Patrol at Warners.

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Barry Fitzgerald made a series of films at RKO: Pacific Liner with Victor McLaglen, and two directed by John Farrow, The Saint Strikes Back and Full Confession .

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Back in Hollywood, Barry Fitzgerald was reunited with John Ford in The Long Voyage Home .

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Barry Fitzgerald did San Francisco Docks at Universal and The Sea Wolf at Warners, before doing another with Ford, How Green Was My Valley, at Fox.

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Back in Hollywood, Barry Fitzgerald did a series of films at Universal: The Amazing Mrs Holliday, Two Tickets to London and Corvette K-225 .

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Barry Fitzgerald unexpectedly became a leading man when Leo McCarey cast him opposite Bing Crosby in Going My Way as Father Fitzgibbon.

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Barry Fitzgerald was nominated for both the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and the Academy Award for Best Actor; voting rules were changed shortly after this occurrence to prevent further dual nominations for the same role.

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In March 1944, Barry Fitzgerald was involved in a car accident which resulted in the death of a woman and injury of her daughter.

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Barry Fitzgerald was charged with manslaughter but acquitted in January 1945 due to lack of evidence.

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Back at Paramount, Barry Fitzgerald supported Alan Ladd in Two Years Before the Mast, made in 1944 by John Farrow, but not released until 1946.

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Barry Fitzgerald supported Betty Hutton in Incendiary Blonde and The Stork Club .

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Barry Fitzgerald did two more movies with John Farrow: California with Ray Milland and Easy Come, Easy Go, where he was top billed.

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Mark Hellinger borrowed Barry Fitzgerald to play the lead in a cop film at Universal, The Naked City which was a solid success.

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Barry Fitzgerald went to Warners for The Story of Seabiscuit with Shirley Temple, then at Paramount did Union Station with William Holden and Silver City with Yvonne de Carlo.

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Barry Fitzgerald appeared in TV on episodes of Lux Video Theatre, General Electric Theater, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

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Barry Fitzgerald had a supporting role in MGM's The Catered Affair and was top billed in the British comedy Rooney .

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Barry Fitzgerald returned to live in Dublin in 1959, where he lived at 2 Seafield Ave, Monkstown.

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Barry Fitzgerald appeared to recover, but in late 1960 he re-entered hospital.

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Barry Fitzgerald died, as William Joseph Shields, of a heart attack in St Patrick's Hospital, James Street, on 14 January 1961.

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Barry Fitzgerald has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for motion pictures at 6252 Hollywood Boulevard and for television at 7001 Hollywood Boulevard.

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