34 Facts About Barry John

1. Barry John was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1998, and in complement to his sizable collection of Oscars, he received the Frederick Loewe Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in January of 1999.

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2. Barry John collaborated with lyricist Don Black again in 1966 for the soundtrack to the movie Born Free, a James Hill docudrama on human interaction with the lions of Africa.

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3. In 1955, after leaving the army, Barry John collected his own musical ensemble and eventually billed the band as the John Barry Seven.

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4. Barry John has since written most of the scores and about half the title songs for the Bond series.

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5. Barry John was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1998.

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6. In 1999 Barry John was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to music.

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7. Barry John was hired and the result was one of the most famous signature tunes in film history, the "James Bond Theme".

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8. In 1962, Barry John transferred to Ember Records, where he produced albums as well as arranging them.

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9. Barry John died at Strawberry Hill, in present-day Philadelphia on September 13, 1803, and was buried in the graveyard of St Mary's Roman Catholic Church.

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10. Barry John was successful in suppressing three mutinies during his career as an officer in the Continental Navy.

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11. Barry John ordered the precious powder rowed ashore during the night leaving only 100 barrels in Nancy at dawn.

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12. Barry John married for the final time in 1976, to fourth wife Laurie, and they had one son.

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13. In 1965, Barry John wed actress Jane Birkin, who gave birth to his third daughter, Kate.

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14. Barry John married four times, each time to wives who were in their teens.

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15. Barry John was employed by EMI from 1959—1962 arranging for its singers including Adam Faith.

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16. Barry John was signed to take part in sport programmes presented by HTV, the Wales and West of England commercial television company.

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17. Barry John quit his position at Monkton House when he toured South Africa in 1968 and never taught again.

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18. Barry John moved to Cardiff and shared a house with several other rugby players, including former Llanelli team mate Gerald Davies.

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19. Barry John had a further four siblings, Alan, Clive, Madora and Diane.

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20. Barry John was the second child of William and Vimy John, his brother Delville was three years his senior.

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21. Barry John was never charged with taking illegal payments during his career.

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22. In 2015 Barry John was inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame.

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23. Barry John was one of the inaugural inductees of the International Rugby Hall of Fame in 1997 and in 1999 was inducted into the Welsh Sports Hall of Fame.

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24. Barry John was the dragonfly on the anvil of destruction.

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25. Barry John scored eight of the Lions points, having scored in every match, Test and regional, he had played in.

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26. In 1971, on their tour of New Zealand, Barry John was again selected for the British Lions.

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27. Barry John was unavailable for the final game of the tournament to France, his place taken by Phil Bennett.

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28. Barry John scored one of the tries along with a dropped goal.

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29. Barry John was unavailable for the encounter having fractured a rib while playing for the Barbarians against an Oxford University Past and Present eleven days earlier.

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30. Barry John regained his international place after Watkins had switched to professional rugby league just the month before, joining Salford for a club record fee of £16,000.

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31. In 1966, Barry John was awarded his first international cap for Wales, taking David Watkins place at fly-half for the match against the touring Australia team.

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32. Barry John was only released when Llanelli's club chairman, Elvet Jones, promised to make a donation to the college "Rag".

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33. Barry John was part of the team that won the 1971 Five Nations Championship, the first time Wales had achieved a Grand Slam win since 1952.

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34. In 1967 Barry John left Llanelli RFC for Cardiff RFC and here he formed a partnership with Gareth Edwards that became one of the most famous half-back pairings in world rugby.

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