88 Facts About Barry Manilow


Barry Manilow was born on Barry Alan Pincus; June 17,1943 and is an American singer and songwriter with a career that spans seven decades.


Barry Manilow has recorded and released 51 Top 40 singles on the Adult Contemporary Chart, including 13 that hit number one, 28 that appeared within the top ten, and 36 that reached the top twenty.


Barry Manilow has been nominated for a Grammy Award as a producer, arranger and performer a total of fifteen times from 1973 to 2015.


Barry Manilow has produced Grammy-nominated albums for Bette Midler, Dionne Warwick, Nancy Wilson, and Sarah Vaughan.


Barry Manilow has sold more than 85 million records as a solo artist worldwide, making him one of the world's best-selling artists.


Barry Manilow was born Barry Alan Pincus on June 17,1943, in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Edna Manilow and Harold Kelliher, a truck driver of Irish descent.


Barry Manilow's mother made his father change his name to Pincus, which was the name of a Jewish uncle of his father from the 1800s.

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Barry Manilow's parents were divorced when he was a baby, and his mother's Jewish family allowed no further contact between Barry Manilow and his father.


Barry Manilow's maternal grandparents were Russian Jewish immigrants, and his paternal grandfather was Jewish, though his grandmother was a Catholic of Irish descent.


Barry Manilow grew up in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and graduated in 1961 from the now-defunct Eastern District High School.


Barry Manilow enrolled in the City College of New York, where he briefly studied before entering the New York College of Music.


Barry Manilow worked at CBS while he was a student in order to pay his expenses.


In 1964, Barry Manilow met Bro Herrod, a CBS director, who asked him to arrange some songs for a musical adaptation of the melodrama, The Drunkard.


Barry Manilow then earned money by working as a pianist, producer and arranger.


Barry Manilow was awarded an Honorary Clio at the 50th Anniversary Clio Awards in Las Vegas in 2009 for his 1960s work as a jingle writer and singer.


Barry Manilow next conducted and arranged for Ed Sullivan's production company, arranging a new theme for The Late Show, while writing, producing, and singing his radio and television jingles.


Barry Manilow recorded and accompanied artists on the piano for auditions and performances in the first two years of the 1970s.


Barry Manilow recorded four tracks as Featherbed, produced by Tony Orlando on Bell Records.


Bette Midler saw Barry Manilow's act in 1971 and chose the young musician as her pianist at the Continental Baths in New York City that year, and subsequently as a producer on both her debut and second record albums The Divine Miss M and Bette Midler.


Barry Manilow acted as her musical director on the tour mounted for her first album.


In 1973, Barry Manilow was nominated for the Album Of The Year Grammy Award for his production role on 'The Divine Miss M'.


Barry Manilow had not wanted to record the song, which had originally been titled "Brandy" when originally recorded by its co-writer Scott English, but the song was included at the insistence of Davis.


Also in 1979, Barry Manilow produced Dionne Warwick's "comeback" album Dionne, her first to go platinum.


Barry Manilow scored a top ten hit of his own, in the fall of 1979, with the song "Ships" from the album One Voice.


Barry Manilow's songs continued to receive frequent radio airplay throughout the decade.

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In December 1983, Barry Manilow was reported to have endowed the music departments at six major universities in the United States and Canada.


The endowments were part of a continuing endeavor by Barry Manilow to recognize and encourage new musical talent.


That same year, Showtime aired a documentary of Barry Manilow recording the album with a number of jazz legends including Sarah Vaughan and Mel Torme.


In 1985, Barry Manilow left Arista Records for RCA Records, where he released the pop album Barry Manilow, and began a phase of international music, as he performed songs and duets in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.


The Barry Manilow album was a complete about-face from the Paradise Cafe album, containing a number of uptempo tracks that featured synthesizers.


Barry Manilow penned all the songs for the movie, with lyrics provided by his longtime collaborators Bruce Sussman and Jack Feldman.


Barry Manilow said that such a bill would act as a precedent for broadcasters to get rid of the blanket license entirely.


Barry Manilow followed this set of shows with a world tour of the Broadway show.


Manilow released a number of cover tunes during the 1990s, starting with tracks on the 1989 release Barry Manilow, and continuing with his 1990 Christmas LP Because It's Christmas.


Barry Manilow has credited Patty, Maxene, and LaVerne Andrews as inspiring him, perhaps most evident in his recording of "Jump, Shout Boogie".


The decade ended with Barry Manilow recording a tribute to Frank Sinatra Barry Manilow Sings Sinatra released months after Sinatra's death.


Barry Manilow co-wrote the Broadway-style musical scores for Thumbelina and The Pebble and the Penguin.


Barry Manilow composed the score and wrote two songs with Bruce Sussman for Disney Sing Along Songs: Let's Go To The Circus.


Barry Manilow produced the 1991 album With My Lover Beside Me by legendary jazz vocalist Nancy Wilson.


Barry Manilow was invited in 1993 by Mercer's widow to complete the songs.


Barry Manilow's own recording of "When October Goes", with lyrics by Mercer, was released as a single in 1984, from his album 2:00 AM Paradise Cafe.


Barry Manilow is featured in a duet on the record in the final cut "Epilogue".


The BBC played a one-hour version of the same show including "The Best of Me", sung during the concert, as a bonus song or "lucky strike extra" as Barry Manilow says, not seen in The Greatest Hits.


Barry Manilow performed 14 concerts as part of an extended tour covering Germany, Austria and Denmark.


Barry Manilow branched out in another direction and, with long-time lyricist Bruce Sussman, launched Copacabana, a musical play based on previous Barry Manilow-related adaptations.

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In 1998, Barry Manilow released the record album Barry Manilow Sings Sinatra which earned him a Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album Grammy Award nomination in 1999.


On October 23,1999, NBC aired the two-hour special StarSkates Salute to Barry Manilow taped at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring numerous figure skaters performing to Manilow's music.


In February 2002, Barry Manilow returned to the charts when Arista released a greatest hits album, Ultimate Barry Manilow.


On May 18,2002, Barry Manilow returned to CBS with Ultimate Barry Manilow, his first special at the network since his Big Fun on Swing Street special in 1988.


Barry Manilow told the audience that he was what Clay Aiken was going to look like in thirty years, thus acknowledging an ongoing comparison between the two.


Barry Manilow appeared on Clay Aiken's TV special, A Clay Aiken Christmas.


Barry Manilow began the residency in February 2005 with a show entitled Manilow: Music and Passion.


Barry Manilow returned to Arista Records under Davis for a new covers album, released January 31,2006, called The Greatest Songs of the Fifties.


Barry Manilow said he was blown away with the idea, which Davis presented when he visited Barry Manilow's Las Vegas show.


Barry Manilow was nominated for two Emmys, winning for "Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program".


In January 2007, Barry Manilow returned to his hometown of New York City for three shows at Madison Square Garden.


Barry Manilow launched another short tour in early 2008, visiting several large venues including the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul, Minnesota.


Barry Manilow appeared on American Idol on February 3,2009, during Hollywood Week to give advice to the contestants.


Barry Manilow released the record album "In The Swing of Christmas" in 2007, which earned him another Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album Grammy Award nomination in 2008.


In December 2008, Barry Manilow narrated the animated Christmas special "A Cranberry Christmas" which was broadcast on ABC Family and produced by Ocean Spray.


Barry Manilow ended his residency at the Hilton with a show entitled "Ultimate Barry Manilow: the Hits" on December 30,2009, after 300 performances for 450,000 fans.


On January 26,2010, Barry Manilow released The Greatest Love Songs of All Time, and, in December of that year, the album was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.


On December 11,2010, Barry Manilow performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway.


Barry Manilow completed work on his new album, 15 Minutes, in March 2011, with his official Facebook page announcing that he had completed putting "finishing touches" to the album on March 16,2011.


On March 13,2011, Barry Manilow appeared at the Olivier Awards 2011 at London's Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, singing "Copacabana" with the BBC Concert Orchestra and singing with hit West End star, Kerry Ellis.

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In May 2011, Barry Manilow recorded his concerts at the O2 Arena in London, for CD and DVD release in early 2012.


In November 2011, Barry Manilow recorded his shows at the Paris Las Vegas for an upcoming TV special and DVD release.


Barry Manilow concluded his two-year residency at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas on December 11,2012.


In January 2013, Barry Manilow returned to Broadway with his concert series "Barry Manilow on Broadway".


On July 4,2013, Barry Manilow performed live on the west lawn of the US Capitol as part of A Capitol Fourth.


On March 11,2014, Barry Manilow released Night Songs, an album of standards performed only with piano and synthesized acoustic bass by Barry Manilow himself.


On October 28,2014, Barry Manilow released My Dream Duets, which won him his fourth Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album Grammy Award nomination.


In 2017, Billboard Magazine declared that Barry Manilow has been on a Billboard 200 hot streak since 2002, when his greatest-hits collection Ultimate Barry Manilow debuted and peaked at No 3, becoming his highest-charting set since 1979's One Voice.


Since 2002, Barry Manilow has logged a dozen top 40 efforts.


Barry Manilow found the video and posted it on his Facebook page, leading his management company to send the song to radio stations for airplay.


In 2021, Barry Manilow started his The Hits Come Home residency at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas.


Barry Manilow later stated that he was in love with his wife and that his passion for a music career, in addition to his lack of maturity, put a strain on their relationship.


Barry Manilow left the woman he considered "the perfect wife" after just one year of marriage in pursuit of a "wondrous musical adventure".


In 1978, Barry Manilow began a relationship with TV executive Garry Kief, who soon became his manager.


Barry Manilow did not want his personal relationship with Kief to become public.


In 1979, Manilow's musical style was satirized in the song "I Need Your Help Barry Manilow" performed by Ray Stevens.


In 1989, an American tabloid claimed that Barry Manilow was engaged to porn star Robin Byrd.


Barry Manilow replied that he was just friends with Byrd, an innocent picture had been taken, and that there was no truth to the supposed engagement.


Barry Manilow told Carson that he could not watch his friend doing what she does in that movie.


On January 15,1994, three hours before showtime, Barry Manilow canceled a performance at an Ethnic Pride and Heritage Festival hosted at the Convention Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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Barry Manilow said in a statement that he was specifically told in writing that the concert would be part of a non-partisan event.


In July 1997, to settle the suit it was reported that Barry Manilow donated $5,000 to the American Tinnitus Association.


On October 27,2011, Barry Manilow visited Joplin, Missouri, a little more than five months after a tornado destroyed one-third of that city, including its only high school.