20 Facts About Bastila Shan


Bastila Shan is a fictional character and party member in the 2003 action role-playing video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, developed by BioWare and published by LucasArts.


Bastila Shan was voiced by Jennifer Hale, with her casting being considered one of the most important among the game's characters.


Bastila Shan was originally envisioned as the descendant of a character from the Tales of the Jedi comics series but is ultimately developed with no ties to other pre-established characters.


Bastila Shan is positively received by critics and fans, and her character arc is often considered one of the most important elements of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.


The game is designed with an extensive branching narrative, where moral or immoral choices not only change the game's ending but alter the way companion characters like Bastila Shan responds to Revan as the protagonist of the story.


Bastila Shan appreciated the opportunity "to be given these powerful roles, and a place to lead, and to occupy characters that were leaders" such as Bastila, who happened to be female.


Hale used a British accent for Bastila Shan, which is represented as the "Coruscanti" dialect in the Star Wars universe.


Bastila Shan claimed that the accent comes naturally to her as she always thinks in various dialects in her mind, a skill which she has refined after studying dialects as a subject at high school, and training with vocal coaches on occasion throughout her professional career.


Bastila Shan wields a double-sided yellow lightsaber and has access to a range of Force abilities which are available to a Jedi Sentinel.


Bastila Shan is known for her Battle Meditation, a rare ability usually only accessible by the most experienced Jedi Masters.


Bastila Shan is depicted as a brash, impulsive young woman in spite of the stern discipline instilled by her Jedi upbringing.


Bastila Shan is depicted as a young Jedi grappling with both the enormous depth of her powers and her connection to Revan, whom she becomes increasingly intrigued with during their travels.


Bastila Shan is first mentioned as the commanding officer of the doomed Republic ship the Endar Spire, which has been boarded by Sith forces who are in pursuit of her.


Bastila Shan is later rescued by the player character from a criminal gang known as the Black Vulkars on the planet Taris.


Bastila Shan admits that she was part of a Jedi strike team sent to capture Revan, and when they managed to corner the Dark Lord, Malak chose that moment to betray his Master by opening fire on Revan's ship.


Bastila Shan later confronts Revan atop an ancient temple on Rakatan world of Lehon, where she gives the former Dark Lord of the Sith an ultimatum to join forces with her.


Bastila Shan is a fan favorite character, having appeared in numerous "top" character lists and consistently ranks high in several Star Wars character popularity polls.


Bastila Shan was nominated among 25 other Star Wars Expanded Universe characters as a figurine design in the Toyfare 2006 Fan's Choice Poll.


Bastila Shan is included in GameSpot's 2019 list of "15 Great Star Wars Characters Who Came From Video Games".


Corey Plante from Inverse suggested that American actress Angelina Jolie should play Bastila Shan, as she possesses the necessary range to convey the character's nuances of "going from hero to villain and back again", and she is a "major player" in Revan's story as opposed to a supporting role.