10 Facts About Battersea Park


Battersea Park is a 200-acre green space at Battersea in the London Borough of Wandsworth in London.

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Battersea Park occupies marshland reclaimed from the Thames and land formerly used for market gardens.

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The Commission for Improving the Metropolis acquired 320 acres of Battersea fields, of which 198 acres became Battersea Park, opened in 1858, and the remainder was let on building leases.

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Battersea Park was laid out by Sir James Pennethorne between 1846 and 1864, although the park which was opened in 1858 varied somewhat from Pennethorne's vision.

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Battersea Park's success depended on the successful completion of the Chelsea Bridge, declared open in 1858 by Queen Victoria.

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Battersea Park hosted the first exhibition football game played under the rules of the recently formed Football Association on 9 January 1864.

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Battersea Park'slters were dug, part of the park was turned over to allotments for much needed vegetables and a pig farm was set up.

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On 16 September 1978, Battersea Park hosted a big punk rock concert featuring The Stranglers and several guests, among them Peter Gabriel and The Skids.

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Battersea Park is home to a small children's zoo, a boating lake, a bandstand, and all-weather outdoor sporting facilities including tennis courts, a running track and football pitches.

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Battersea Park is the site of the London Peace Pagoda, erected in 1985.

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