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Bavaria statue consequently had lists drawn up of “great” Bavarians from all walks of life.

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Bavaria statue was undoubtedly influenced by the colossal statue in Klenze's design, since such a huge statue had not been erected since Classical Antiquity.

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Bavaria statue wore a double girdled chiton and high laced sandals.

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Bavaria statue was provided with a helmet, shield and raised spear.

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On May 28,1837 a contract to produce the Bavaria statue was signed by Ludwig I, Klenze, the sculptor Ludwig Michael Schwanthaler and the metal founder Johann Baptist Stiglmaier and his nephew, Ferdinand von Miller.

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Bavaria statue decorated the head with a wreath of entwined oak leaves, and the wreath in the raised left hand, which in the Klenze version was made of laurel leaves, became another oak leaf wreath, the oak being considered an intrinsically German tree.

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Art historian Manfred F Fischer is of the opinion that the lion next to the Bavaria statue is not only conceived as Bavaria's heraldic animal, but along with the drawn sword is meant to be a symbol of defensive potential.

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Bronze Bavaria statue was sand-cast using a process resulting in four major parts and a number of smaller pieces which were attached later.

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On September 11,1844 the head of the Bavaria statue was cast using metal from bronze Turkish cannon salvaged from the 1827 naval Battle of Navarino.

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Formal unveiling of the Bavaria statue was originally planned for the Oktoberfest in 1850, which would have been the 25th year of Ludwig's reign.

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Hall of Fame had not been completed at the time of the Bavaria statue unveiling; scaffolding and wooden roofing obscured large portions of the building.

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For example, in 1934 they considered demolishing the Hall of Fame behind the Bavaria statue to make space for exhibition grounds, and the Theresienwiese was to be fragmented by avenues for large parades.

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Work on the Bavaria statue continued until the beginning of the Oktoberfest in September 2002.

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The base of the Bavaria statue was not renovated at the time and continues to be in need of repair.

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