13 Facts About Bayezid II


Bayezid II was the son of Mehmed II and Gulbahar Hatun, an Albanian concubine.


However, the marriage of Sittisah Hatun took place two years after Bayezid II was born and the whole arrangement was not to Mehmed's liking.


Bayezid II's overriding concern was the quarrel with his brother Cem Sultan, who claimed the throne and sought military backing from the Mamluks in Egypt.


Karamani Mehmed Pasha, latest grand vizier of Mehmed II, informed him of the death of the Sultan and invited Bayezid II to ascend the throne.


Bayezid II sent out the Ottoman Navy under the command of admiral Kemal Reis to Spain in 1492 in order to evacuate them safely to Ottoman lands.


Bayezid II sent out proclamations throughout the empire that the refugees were to be welcomed.


Bayezid II granted the refugees the permission to settle in the Ottoman Empire and become Ottoman citizens.


Bayezid II ridiculed the conduct of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile in expelling a class of people so useful to their subjects.


Bayezid II threatened with death all those who treated the Jews harshly or refused them admission into the empire.


Bayezid II made a tour of the communities and was instrumental in imposing a tax upon the rich, to ransom the Jewish victims of the persecution.


Bayezid II developed fears that Ahmet might in turn kill him to gain the throne, so he refused to allow his son to enter Constantinople.


Bayezid II was buried next to the Bayezid Mosque in Istanbul.


Bayezid II had ten known consorts, plus other unknown concubines, mothers of the other sons and daughters:.