13 Facts About BBEdit Lite


BBEdit Lite is a proprietary text editor made by Bare Bones Software, originally developed for Macintosh System Software 6, and currently supporting macOS.

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The original prototypes of BBEdit Lite used the TextEdit control available in versions of the classic Mac OS of the time.

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BBEdit Lite was the first freestanding text editor to use the "PE" editing engine, and is the only one still being developed.

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BBEdit Lite was available at no charge upon its initial release in 1992 but was commercialized in May 1993 with the release of version 2.

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BBEdit Lite lacked plugin support, scriptability, syntax coloring and other features then deemed as mainly for advanced users.

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BBEdit Lite was one of the first applications to be made available for Mac OS X, as a Carbon app.

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On macOS, BBEdit Lite takes advantage of the operating system's Unix underpinnings by integrating scripts written in Python, Perl, or other common Unix scripting languages, as well as adding features such as shell worksheets that provide a screen editor interface to command line functionality similar to MPW Worksheets and Emacs shell buffers.

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BBEdit Lite is designed for use by software developers and web designers.

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BBEdit Lite is not a word processor, meaning it does not have text formatting or page layout features.

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BBEdit Lite allows previewing and built-in validation of HTML markup and provides prototypes for most HTML constructs that can be entered into a dialog box.

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BBEdit Lite was a freeware stripped-down version of BBEdit, that ceased development in 2003.

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BBEdit Lite had many of the same features as BBEdit such as regular expressions, a plug-in architecture and the same text editing engine, but no programming and web-oriented tools such as syntax highlighting, command line shell, HTML tools or FTP support.

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Plain text editor like BBEdit Lite, TextWrangler did not have a robust set of formatting and style options.

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