31 Facts About Beacham Theatre


Beacham Theatre is a cinema built in 1921 by Braxton Beacham Sr.

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The Beacham Theatre was considered an important contributing structure when the Downtown Orlando historic district was created in 1980 and the building was granted local landmark status in 1987.

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The Beacham Theatre was once home to the internationally recognized late-night underground discotheque Aahz, a notable early component of the US electronic dance music movement in the early 1990s.

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In 1917 Beacham Theatre paid approximately $17,500–$20,000 for the property one block southwest of his stately residence on Jefferson Street after Orlando's citizens voted to pave the road to the cemetery instead of purchasing the old jail.

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The location of Beacham Theatre's theater was precisely where several condemned prisoners were executed by hanging.

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Beacham Theatre outfitted his theater with innovative state-of-the art equipment from the Southern Theater Equipment Company of Atlanta.

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The tunnels extended south into the San Juan Hotel, where Mr Beacham Theatre happened to have had an office, and then east under Orange Avenue into the Angebilt Hotel.

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The Beacham Theatre was originally the only independent theater in Orlando.

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However, the next year, in 1922, Beacham Theatre leased his theater to Mack Sparks of the Sparks Theater Company chain.

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Senior Braxton Beacham Theatre died in 1924 after a long illness, and Roberta Holland Beacham Theatre died soon after in 1926.

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The iconic displays that Burns created for the Beacham Theatre were sometimes complete with coordinated costumes for the employees.

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All of Orlando's theaters, including the Beacham Theatre, celebrated by showing free films until late into the night.

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In 1975 Larry and Sherry Carpenter purchased the Beacham Building from then-owners, Betty Rubles Bray, and Burkett H Bray Jr.

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The Beacham Theatre served as a Celebrity Dinner Theater franchise location in conjunction with Valentyne's restaurant that was next door from 1985 until 1986.

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Beacham Theatre was granted local historic landmark status on September 21,1987, for its historical significance to the community.

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The "Bye-bye Beacham Theatre Bash" was promptly organized by Orlando Remembered and attended by former theater doormen, ushers, candy girls, and cashiers on December 9,1988.

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At that time, the Beacham Theatre was being subleased to Clark J, a local record producer, and a brief partnership was formed.

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Late in 1988 the lease for the Beacham Theatre's theater was secured by the Bellettos under Entertainment Investments International.

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Brad and Lisa Belletto with other Beacham Theatre DJs scoured sources across the US and Europe and traveled frequently for new and rare records.

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Late nights at the Beacham Theatre featured DJs, beat matching, rare and obscure dance music on vinyl records, intelligent lighting, and themed decor that at times included original paintings by local artist Rollo.

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The popularity of dancing throughout the night at the Beacham Theatre initially caught on slowly and many free passes were given out.

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Early mornings at the Beacham Theatre kick started Orlando's own Summer of Love between 1991 and 1992 that helped usher in the increased popularity of the subculture surrounding electronic dance music in Florida and subsequently in the United States.

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Although, "raves" per se were not held in the Theater, the Beacham Theatre served as the prototype for nearly all of the larger so-called rave-oriented nightclubs that followed it.

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In doing so, "Late Night" at the Beacham Theatre inspired the genesis of the internationally recognized "Orlando Sound" genre that is known as Florida breaks.

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Inside "Late Night" at the Beacham Theatre was always very dark and the auditorium was absolutely filthy.

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The Beacham Theatre underwent restoration at a cost of in excess of $1,000,000.

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Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough, who performed his first musical at the Beacham as one of the Munchkins in the Lollipop Guild for a theatre production of The Wizard of Oz, was a design and talent acquisition advisor for Tabu.

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In 2011 leases for the Beacham Theatre were renewed by John SanFelippo and George Maltezos, along with Gerard Mitchell and Michael McRaney, who leased the adjacent unit.

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Since 2011 "The Beacham Theatre" nightclub has operated in partnership with "The Social, " a smaller venue next door at 54 North Orange Avenue.

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Beacham Theatre's Building is divided into seven rental units using wood frame, brick walls, different facades, and paint.

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The original Beacham Theatre sign is awaiting restoration and is being stored on the roof.

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