10 Facts About Beals Wright


Beals Coleman Wright was an American tennis player who was active at the end of the 1890s and early 1900s.

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Beals Wright won the singles title at the 1905 US National Championships.

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In 1899 Beals Wright traveled with his father to California where he played at the Delmonte Tennis Championship in Monterey.

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George Beals Wright managed the team the same year he coached at Harvard.

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Beals Wright played at the 1904 St Louis Olympics and won gold medals in both the singles and doubles competition.

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Beals Wright won three consecutive singles titles at the tournament now known as the Cincinnati Masters, and reached the doubles final in 1904.

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Beals Wright won the Canadian Tennis Championship, played in Niagara-on-the-Lake, in 1902,1903 and 1904.

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Beals Wright was inducted in the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1956.

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Beals Wright is certainly the best in America at low volleys, and is very good overhead.

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Beals Wright's volleying is distinctly superior to his ground strokes, and his forehand somewhat stronger than his backhand.

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