13 Facts About Beatmania IIDX


Beatmania IIDX has since spawned 30 arcade releases and 14 console releases on the Sony PlayStation 2.

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Original Beatmania IIDX gained a post-release reception from video game publications.

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Beatmania IIDX called the game "a rocky start" for the Beatmania IIDX series, since it had music from Beatmanias first two iterations paired with new tracks and remixes.

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Bryn Williams of GameSpy found IIDX to be harder than the original Beatmania, because songs that take advantage of its seven keys have more notes than those made for five keys.

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Foster said the updates popularized the game to the point that it overshadowed Beatmania, and IIDX earned more new songs and became known for being very difficult.

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In 2015, a PC release titled beatmania IIDX INFINITAS was announced, and began alpha testing in September.

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Beatmania IIDX cabinet has many standard features that are found in traditional arcade cabinets such as a widescreen display, powerful speakers, and start buttons.

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Also, unique to Beatmania IIDX cabinets are the effector buttons and sliders, a bass platform transducer, marquee, and DJ simulating controller.

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Beatmania IIDX controls consist two sets of seven keys on each player's side, along with two turntables.

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Beatmania IIDX series has been released in the home video game market in addition to its arcade releases.

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Arcade versions of beatmania IIDX have been imported to the United States from Japan during its lifetime.

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The game instituted another hardware change for Beatmania IIDX, now running on more powerful hardware using Windows XP Embedded as its operating system.

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Gold was the first version of Beatmania IIDX to have a dedicated English build for the North American market.

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