22 Facts About Beatport


Beatport is an American electronic music-oriented online music store owned by LiveStyle.

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Beatport is oriented primarily towards DJs, selling full songs as well as resources that can be used for remixes.

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In 2014, as part of an effort to widen its audience, Beatport expanded into original content oriented towards fans of electronic dance music, covering EDM news and culture, and offering on-demand music streaming from its catalog and live streaming events.

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Beatport emerged from the bankruptcy debt free and profitable and continues to operate as an online music store.

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Half a year later, Beatport was beginning to become recognized after a few collaborations with well-known DJs and partnerships with the technology company Native Instruments.

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Beatport was made accessible through a scaled-down GUI embedded within DJ software: Traktor DJ Studio by Native Instruments.

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In February 2007, Beatport launched the Beatport Player, a viral marketing web widget to play back relevant content by Artist, Label, Genre, and Chart.

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On July 14,2011, Beatport launched their HTML5 website with new features, designs and a new platform.

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Beatport officially added AIFF downloads as an option on their platform on September 9,2011.

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Additionally, Beatport announced that it would partner with the music recognition service Shazam to index its catalog.

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Under SFX ownership, Beatport began to reposition itself towards the overall electronic dance music culture.

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In December 2014, Beatport revamped its website to extensively target mainstream fans of electronic music, adding original content, as well as live streaming shows and festival coverage.

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Additionally, Beatport launched a free music streaming service, which allowed users to stream full-length songs from Beatport's library, as well as curated playlists and charts.

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On May 10,2016, Beatport announced that the auction of the company had been suspended, and that it would instead cut back its operations to focus solely on its music sales business—resulting in the discontinuation of Beatport's streaming, live and original content operations.

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Beatport announced layoffs as it underwent restructuring, with as many as 49 employees departing the workforce.

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In May 2019, Beatport announced two new subscription services tailored towards professional DJs: Beatport Link is a streaming service allowing music from the platform's library to be streamed directly into supported DJ software.

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Beatport announced Beatport Cloud, which features full track playback, a management interface, and unlimited redownloads of purchased songs.

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In May 2022, it was announced Beatport had acquired the music discovery portal, LabelRadar.

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In February 2019, Beatport announced a joint venture with digital music record pool company DJcity, forming Beatsource, a digital music retail platform aimed at open-format DJs.

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Around that time, Beatport had 450,000 active DJ customers and 35 million unique visitors per year.

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At launch, Beatport offered tracks from 79 electronic music labels to customers worldwide.

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Sales of sample packs and remix stems, in the "Beatport Sounds" section, grew from an annual revenue of $600,000 in 2010 to $39.

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