12 Facts About Beatrice Mtetwa


Beatrice Mtetwa is a Swazi was born 1957 and naturalised Zimbabwean lawyer who has been internationally recognized for her defense of journalists and press freedom.

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Beatrice Mtetwa challenged the results of 37 districts in the 2000 parliamentary elections.

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Beatrice Mtetwa is particularly noted for her defense of arrested journalists, both local and international.

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Beatrice Mtetwa defended many local journalists arrested in the run-up to the 2008 presidential election.

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Beatrice Mtetwa's firm has been involved with multiple high-profile human rights cases.

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Beatrice Mtetwa subsequently handled a string of related legal cases that followed, including securing a stay of prosecution for Ms Mukoko and suing her abductors for damages in their personal capacity.

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On 17 March 2013, Beatrice Mtetwa was arrested while executing her professional duties.

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Beatrice Mtetwa was attending to a client whose home was searched by the police.

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Beatrice Mtetwa was placed under arrest after requesting the production of a valid search warrant and an inventory list of items that had already been removed.

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Zimbabwean police defied an emergency high court ruling ordering the release of Beatrice Mtetwa and continued to hold her on charges of obstructing justice.

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Beatrice Mtetwa won the 2010 International Human Rights award of the American Bar Association.

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In December 2013 Beatrice Mtetwa was awarded with an honorary Doctor of Laws by the University of Bath in the United Kingdom in recognition of her work.

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