13 Facts About Beatriz Luengo


Beatriz Luengo Gonzalez was born on 23 December 1982 and is a Spanish musician, actress, dancer, singer and entrepreneur based in Miami.


Beatriz Luengo trained at the Royal Academy of Dance, where she studied ballet, jazz dance, Funky and flamenco.


Beatriz Luengo danced on different TV spots for Television Espanola and was the singer in the TV program Esto Me Suena.


Beatriz Luengo won the prize "Better Musical Future", and she was chosen by the Spanish audience to represent Spain at the "Wanadoo Discoveries" in Nice, where she placed second.


Beatriz Luengo was nominated to the MTV European Music Awards celebrated in Lisbon.


Beatriz Luengo was invited in 2005 to the Grammy Awards and in 2006 to Cannes Festival.


The album was produced by Yotuel Romero and Andres Levin, and Beatriz Luengo wrote all the lyrics.


On September 20,2011, Beatriz Luengo released Bela y Sus Moskitas Muertas.


Beatriz Luengo had her first appearance in a feature film in Pasion Adolescente in 2000.


In 2001, Beatriz Luengo starred in the TV series Un paso adelante, which made her well known in Spain, Europe, and some South American countries; it was here that the musical group Upa Dance was born.


Beatriz Luengo is good friends with her Un paso adelante fellow Miguel Angel Munoz.


Beatriz Luengo has been dating Cuban musician and actor Yotuel Romero since September 2003 - she met him on the set of One Step Forward TV show.


On 20 August 2015, Beatriz Luengo gave birth to her son, named Angelo.